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The Lasker Foundation is an American foundation that supports biomedical research and measures and programs to improve human health and extend life.

Origin and tasks

The Lasker Foundation was founded in 1942 by Albert Lasker , a successful advertising entrepreneur, and his wife Mary Woodard Lasker , an influential lobbyist in the health and (medical) research sector. The first president was Albert Lasker until his death in 1952, after his death his wife Mary Lasker took over the chairmanship, which she held until her death in 1994. The foundation is based in New York City . The foundation's president has been the medical professor Claire Pomeroy since June 2013.

The Lasker Foundation supports various initiatives to promote medical research, whereby the initiatives - according to their own statements - are supported not financially, but logistically, with knowledge transfer and other measures. Numerous interdisciplinary working groups, bills, innovative (web-based) programs, educational forums and scientific studies have developed from these programs. The mission of the foundation is to promote the prevention and treatment of diseases in the health care system through excellent basic research. Another goal is to educate the public about the various health risks.

The values ​​to which the Lasker Foundation is committed are:

  • integrity
  • Independence from political and corporate influence
  • Impartiality in efforts to educate and raise awareness about medical research concerns
  • Leading position in supporting medical science
  • Establishing high quality standards in research

The Lasker Awards

The Lasker Awards have been presented since 1946 to living individuals who have made important contributions to the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of human diseases or other public services in the medical sense. The awards are also known as the American (medicine) Nobel Prizes . 85 of the winners later won a Nobel Prize (as of 2013), 47 of them since 1984.

The awards are given in four different categories. Each of the prizes is endowed with $ 250,000.

Previous prizes were given under the following names:

  • Special Public Health Award (1975–1987)
  • Special Award (1947–1959)
  • Group Award (1946–1960)
  • Albert Lasker Award from the International Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (1954–1972)
  • Albert Lasker Award of the National Committee Against Mental Illness (1944–1949)
  • Albert Lasker Award of the Planned Parenthood - World Population (1945–1965)
  • Albert Lasker Medical Journalism Awards (1949-1969)

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