Lavochkin La-200

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Lavochkin La-200
Type: Fighter plane
Design country:

Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Soviet Union


OKB Lavochkin

First flight:

September 9, 1949

Number of pieces:


The Lavotschkin La-200 ( Russian Лавочкин Ла-200 ) was a Soviet fighter aircraft that was developed and tested by Lavochkin in the late 1940s and early 1950s , but did not go into series production.


The OKB Lavochkin received in 1949 in addition to the design office of Mikoyan , Sukhoi and Yakovlev to create a twin-engine all-weather interceptor long range for air defense of the USSR the job.

The result was the La-200 with swept wings and a central air inlet, in the middle of which the Thorium-A radio measuring sight was located under a cover . In order to achieve the lowest possible frontal drag, the two jet engines were arranged one behind the other in a highly unconventional way: one in the bow with the corresponding thrust nozzle under the bow and one in the stern of the fuselage; the advantage of the low frontal resistance was bought at the cost of an unnecessarily complicated air supply duct for the rear engine. The crew sat next to each other in a pressurized cabin. The first prototype called La-200-01 began flight tests on September 9, 1949 with the test pilot team of S. F. Maschkowski and A. F. Kosarew. The tests lasted until October 1950 and were also completed with a second machine called the La-200-02 , in which the radio measuring device had been moved upwards from the center of the air inlet duct.

The Scientific Institute of the Air Force had in the meantime issued a revised specification in which a greater range for the aircraft as well as the replacement of the built-in thorium radio measuring sight with the newer Sokol , which is now in development , was required, which is why the series production of the La- 200 did not come about in the first execution. The model was then revised again because the air inlet for the engines had to be completely redesigned due to the larger parabolic antenna of the radio measuring device. Around the fairing of the Sokol , three air intake ports were now grouped below and on the sides, the sides protruding from the fuselage contour and supplying the rear engine, while the lower inlet was for the front engine. The cockpit has been redesigned and the machine received large additional drop tanks.

The aircraft created in this way was given the designation La-200B and was introduced to factory testing by Andrei Kotschetkow on July 3, 1952, which was completed in September. The state test series began in April 1953 and it was only now that the occurrence of errors in the drive of the hydraulic landing flaps was noticed, but these could be rectified. The La-200B was not put into series production because, on the one hand, it did not achieve the required range and, on the other hand, the completion of the new Sokol radar was further delayed. It then served for a while as a flying test vehicle for this device, which was finally built into the Jak-25 , which already belonged to the more modern generation of Soviet fighter aircraft.

Technical specifications

Three-sided tear
Parameter La-200-01 La-200B
crew 2, seats arranged side by side
span 12.92 m
length 15.73 m 17.32 m
Wing area 40.02 m² 40.00 m²
Hydrofoil sweep 40 °
Empty mass 7,090 kg 8,810 kg
Takeoff mass normal 10,205 kg normal 11,050 kg
maximum 11,560 kg
drive two Klimow WK-1 (26.48 kN each) two Klimow WK-1A (each 26.9 kN)
Top speed 1,062 km / h at an altitude of 4,500 m
1,090 km / h at an altitude of 3,500 m
964 km / h near the ground
1,012 km / h at an altitude of 5,000 m
1,007 km / h at an altitude of 10,000 m
Climb performance 2.5 minutes at an altitude of 5,000 m 2.8 min at an altitude of 5,000 m
Summit height 15,150 m 14,135 m
Range 1,300 km
2,000 km with additional tanks
960 km
2,040 km maximum
Take-off run 750 m 700 m
Landing runway 1,060 m 1,000 m
Armament three 37 mm MK NS-37

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