Learjet 29

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Learjet 29
Type: Business jet
Design country:

United StatesUnited States United States


Lear Jet Corporation

First flight:

August 24, 1977

Number of pieces:


The Learjet 29 is a twin-engine business jet in a low-wing design . The maiden flight of a Learjet 28/29 took place on August 24, 1977.


The aircraft has a 2-person cockpit and a cabin for up to eight passengers who are accommodated in the 1 + 1 seating arrangement. However, only aircraft that could carry 6 passengers were delivered.

The Learjet 29 corresponds to the Learjet 28 , the number of passengers was only reduced in favor of a larger tank in order to increase the range. Commercial success did not materialize here either, as the engines were too loud and the kerosene consumption was too high.

Only four series machines of the Learjet 29 were built and then replaced by the further developed Learjet 35 . In 1998, all four of the Learjet 29 machines were still in use. In 2006, three more were approved for the Mexican government.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 2
Passengers maximum 10
length 14.50 m
span 13.35 m
height 3.73 m
Wing area
Wing extension
Empty mass
Max. Takeoff mass 6805 kg
optimal cruising speed 756 km / h
Top speed 883 km / h
Service ceiling 15,545 m
Range 2660 km
Engines 2 × General Electric CJ610 -8A each 13.1 kN thrust

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