Learjet 31

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Learjet 31
Learjet 31A N312CC KBFL 070207.jpg
Learjet 31A
Type: Business jet
Design country:

CanadaCanada Canada



First flight:

May 11, 1987

Production time:

1988 to 2003

Number of pieces:


In which the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace built Learjet 31 is a twin-engine Learjet - business aircraft in low-wing design . The aircraft has a two-person cockpit and a cabin for up to nine passengers who are accommodated in the 1 + 1 seating arrangement.

The first flight of the pre-series aircraft, a converted Learjet 35 , took place on May 11, 1987. The fuselage and drive of the model series 35/36 were combined with the Longhorn wings of the models 28/29. The result was impressive flight performance, such as the service ceiling of 51,000 feet (15,500 m).

The Learjet 31A version was announced in October 1990. Compared to the Learjet 31, there have been some significant changes, such as an increase in cruising speed, a digital avionics system with EFIS from AlliedSignal (now Honeywell ) and a resulting change in the dashboard layout. The nose wheel was controlled by a steer-by-wire system. The windshield could be heated electrically. Another revision took place in 2000: take-off and landing weights were increased, the engines received digital controls ( EICAS ), the thrust reverser was now installed as standard and the air conditioning system was divided into two zones for the cockpit and cabin.

An extended range Learjet 31ER was also made.

After 246 Learjet 31s built, 212 of them Learjet 31A, the last machine was delivered in October 2003.

The abbreviation according to ICAO document 8643 is LJ31 for all variants.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 2
Passengers Max. 9
length 14.84 m
span 13.35 m
height 3.75 m
Cabin volume 7.7 m³
Max. Takeoff mass 8,029 kg
Top speed 0.85 Mach
optimal cruising speed Mach 0.73
Service ceiling 15,545 m
Range 2,889 km
Engines two Honeywell TFE731-2-3B , each 15.56 kN

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