Canadair CL-41

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Canadair CL-41
A Canadair CL-41 of the Snowbirds
Type: Trainer aircraft
Design country:

CanadaCanada Canada



First flight:

January 13, 1960

Production time:


Number of pieces:


The Canadair CL-41 Tutor is a two-seat jet-propelled trainer aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force , which was manufactured by the Canadian manufacturer Canadair . The RCAF's military designation is CT-114 Tutor . The first flight took place on January 13, 1960. It is used for beginner training, but also flown by the Canadian aerobatic team Snowbirds .

History and construction

The CL-41 is a jet powered two-seat trainer aircraft with side-by-side seats. The machine is designed as a low-wing aircraft and has a retractable nose landing gear and a T-tail unit. Canadair began work on the CL-41 in the late 1950s. Equipped with a Pratt & Whitney JT12A, the prototype took off on its maiden flight on January 13, 1960. The CL-41 was finally built in 212 copies between 1963 and 1967. In September 1960 Canada ordered 190 copies, which were equipped with a General Electric J85 engine built under license . Canada's Air Force refers to the CL-41 as the CT-114 Tutor and used it for pilot training until 2000. In 1976, a comprehensive modification program was started to improve the avionics and to be able to attach additional tanks under the fuselage at two suspension points. Malaysia ordered 20 copies in 1966, which were equipped with six suspension points under the wings and a more powerful engine. The machines, known as Tebuan (wasp) in Malaysia , were used as trainer and ground attack aircraft until 1986.


Two prototypes CF-LTW-X and CF-LTX-X
A total of 190 CT-114s for the Canadian Air Force. 10 of these were equipped with smoke generators and other modifications for the Snowbirds aerobatic team.
20 ground attack and training aircraft for the Malaysian Air Force.
One machine (CF-LTX-X) was attached to the bow of the CF-104 to test the radar and CF-104 / F-104G avionics.

Military users

Technical specifications

Parameter Data (CL-41G-5)
crew 2
length 9.75 m
span 11.13 m
height 2.76 m
Wing area 20.44 m²
Empty mass 2,220 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 3,532 kg
Top speed 797 km / h
Service ceiling 13,100 m
Range 1520 km
Engines 1 × Orenda J-85 CAN-40 Turbojet (Canadian license of General Electric J85 )

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