Learjet 36

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Learjet 36
Learjet 36 Skyline Aviation, GRQ Groningen (Eelde), Netherlands PP1084803237.jpg
Type: Business jet
Design country:

CanadaCanada Canada



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The Learjet 36 is a twin-engine business jet in a low-wing design . The aircraft has a two-person cockpit and a cabin for up to 6 passengers who are accommodated in the 1 + 1 seating arrangement.

The Learjet 36 corresponds to the Learjet 35 , but is designed for a longer range at the expense of the number of passengers.

In 1976 the model was further developed into the Learjet 35A, which has a slightly higher maximum take-off mass and in particular the slow flight characteristics have been improved.

A total of 60 series machines were built from the Learjet 36 model and then replaced by the further developed Learjet 31 . Production ended in 1994. By 2003, 8 Learjet 36 machines were lost due to accidents.

Technical specifications

Parameter Learjet 36A data
crew 2
Passengers Max. 6th
length 14.83 m
span 12.04 m
height 3.73 m
Max. Takeoff mass 8300 kg
Top speed 872 km / h
optimal cruising speed 774 km / h
Service ceiling 13,715 m
Range 4673 km
Engines two AlliedSignal TFE73122B, each 15.6 kN

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