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The avionics - a portmanteau word consisting of aviation (from lat. Avis = bird ) and electronics - is a term used in aerospace engineering and the assembly called the electrical and electronic equipment on board an aircraft , including electronic flight instruments . However, electronic applications in cabin systems are excluded from this. The term avionics was coined in the USA around the 1960s.


Avionics (radar system) in a Cessna 501
Flight control and management systems
The flight control and management systems include the autopilot , the flight management system ( FMS ) and the electronics for fly-by-wire flight control systems ( FBW ) as well as flight monitoring devices such as B. Collision Warning Systems ( TCAS ). The aircraft systems, such as B. the engines are monitored by the following systems: EFIS , ECAM or EICAS , FADEC .
The communication systems are divided into intercommunication systems for communication in the aircraft and the aeronautical radio systems for speech and text ( Future Air Navigation System ( FANS )).
The navigation devices are divided into radio navigation such as rotary radio beacon ( VOR ), instrument landing system ( ILS ), omnidirectional radio beacon ( NDB ), distance measuring device ( DME ) and radio compass ( ADF / RDF ), global navigation satellite system ( GPS ) and inertial navigation (INS).
Radar systems are divided into weather radars and air and ground radar systems , which are usually reserved for the military sector .
Infrared targeting systems and forward looking infrared on military aircraft.
Mission systems
Bus systems
AFDX (also ARINC 664 )
an Ethernet- based standard for networking avionics components in an aircraft.
Classic data bus for commercial aircraft
Data bus for civil aircraft ( Boeing 777 )
Data bus to the flight data recording device
Data bus for subsystems, e.g. according to ARINC 825 ( Airbus A380 , A350 )
MIL-STD-1553 (short
MIL bus)
Data bus for military aircraft
STANAG 3910 ( MIL bus + optical data transmission)
Data bus for military aircraft
Data bus for time-controlled communication in the field of safety-critical aerospace applications; TTTech's time-controlled TTP protocol is the first high-speed data bus that is used in both commercial and military aircraft (e.g. Boeing 787 , Airbus A380, F-16 from Lockheed Martin , M-346 from Aermacchi )


Many other computers and devices are used in modern aircraft. The devices are usually grouped together in a specific area below the cabin floor or near the cockpit , the avionics compartment (also known as the avionics bay ). In order to reduce the increasing number of necessary computers and control devices , the principle of "Integrated Modular Avionics" ( IMA ) was developed at the beginning of 2000 .


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