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founding 1929
Seat Annapolis , Maryland ,United StatesUnited States
Branch Avionics

The name ARINC is an abbreviation for Aeronautical Radio Incorporated from Annapolis , Maryland , USA . The company has existed since 1929 and has made a name for itself in the past few years, especially in the aviation and avionics sector , with the fact that a number of communication protocols between different computer systems have been standardized on the basis of ARINC's recommendations. There is hardly any difference between civil and military use; ARINC has defined standards for both versions.


Wireless access point based on the ARINC 628 standard from Lufthansa Technik

The best known is probably the ARINC 429 standard . Airbus and Boeing planes use this protocol to interconnect different systems. The standard for navigation data is defined with the ARINC-424 protocol . This defines the data format for the exchange of navigation data between nav data providers ( Lufthansa Systems FlightNav AG (formerly LIDO Flight Nav), Jeppesen Sanderson , EAG ) and avionics manufacturers ( Honeywell , Smith, Rockwell Collins etc.). Another common standards are ARINC 615 and specifically designed for the Boeing 777 developed ARINC 629 protocol , an evolution of the ARINC 429 protocol. The ARINC-664 protocol, known as AFDX, is based on the Ethernet standard that is widely used outside of aviation . It is used in the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 , among others .

The ARINC company has a similar status in America to the IEEE consortium. It defines generally applicable standards and also operates commercial development and services.

List of ARINC standards (selection)

  • 400 Series : guidelines for installations, bus systems, wiring, etc.
    • ARINC 404 : Standard that defines the types of aircraft equipment
    • ARINC 424 : Format for flight navigation data
    • ARINC 429 : Classic data bus for commercial aircraft
    • ARINC 453 : Data bus for transmission from the weather radar to the display, successor: ARINC 708
    • ARINC 485 : data bus communication via RS485
  • 500 Series : Analog avionics equipment (used in aircraft such as the Boeing 727 , Douglas DC-9 , DC-10 , and early models of the Boeing 737 , 747 and Airbus A300 )
  • 600 Series : Design Basics for ARINC 700 Series Equipment
  • 700 Series : Digital systems and equipment for modern aircraft, new data protocols
    • ARINC 708 : Standard for aviation weather radar systems
    • ARINC 717 : Data bus to the flight data recording device
    • ARINC 722: Guideline for the integration of video projectors in aircraft (system components, wiring)
    • ARINC 763 : network server
  • 800 Series : Aircraft Connectivity Support Technologies; Standards for fiber optic links and high-speed buses
  • 900 Series : Avionics systems for integrated modular and networked components

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