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Course for Italian guest workers who are to be deployed in mining , Duisburg 1962

A training course (Eindeutschung the lat. Cursus in the 18th century) is a course , be limited in the group often practical, intensively considers, with a theme. In didactics , a course is a systematic sequence of teaching units within a subject or a comprehensive, relatively completed sub-task of the subject. Courses can take place within the curriculum at school or at the university or as part of professional training .

continuing Professional Education

As part of professional development, courses are offered by the employer or, as external training, are attended by employees on their own initiative. Some advanced training courses that meet defined quality requirements can also be attended with public funding under certain conditions.

The funding of professional training by the Federal Employment Agency was cut by around 50 percent between 2009 and 2014, particularly under Ursula von der Leyen . Under certain conditions, unemployed people are fully subsidized by the Federal Employment Agency with the so-called education voucher . This is a discretionary performance. The financing of these services depends on the budget of the respective regional employment agency or the job center . The funding rate depends on the economy.

Some companies organize in-house courses to train and expand the specialist knowledge of their employees, or release employees from work to attend courses and sometimes also pay the course fees.

Courses are limited in time. Sometimes it is just a single group meeting. They are often offered as part of larger events such as trade fairs , conferences or festivals, where the participants are able to further their education in very specific areas.

Short training in occupational safety , occupational safety and especially in training are teachings called. There are also special names for other specialized courses.

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Delta training

In IT in particular, training courses that only relate to the new features in the event of a version change are referred to as delta training courses .

Individual evidence

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