Inguinal lymph nodes

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As inguinal lymph nodes ( lymphonodi [Lnn.] Inguinales ) refers to the lymph nodes in the groin . There are two groups of these lymph nodes, the superficial and deep inguinal lymph nodes.

Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

The superficial inguinal lymph nodes ( Lnn. Inguinales superficiales ) are located under the skin in the area of ​​the outer inguinal ring in the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue . In animal anatomy, they are assigned to the superficial inguinal lymph center ( Lymphocentrum inguinofemorale or inguinale superficiale ) together with the knee fold lymph nodes .

The air flowing through these lymph nodes lymph comes in male animals especially from the penis and scrotum ( scrotum ), in female animals from the strip portions of the mammary gland ( mum ) ( udder or inguinal Mammarkomplexe ) and from the neighboring areas of skin. Therefore, the Lnn. inguinales superficiales also as Lnn. scrotales or Lnn. mammarii .

Deep inguinal lymph nodes

The deep inguinal lymph nodes ( Lnn. Inguinales profundi or iliofemorales ) show a different position in the individual mammals. They are usually located on the femoral artery , in horses in the thigh gap , in dogs and cats within the abdominal cavity . In cattle , the deep inguinal lymph nodes lie further back on the external iliac artery . In humans, the top, largest and constant of these lymph nodes is called the Rosenmüller lymph node (after Johann Christian Rosenmüller ).

The lymph comes from the abdominal wall, the thigh , the urinary bladder as well as the uterus and fallopian tubes or the vaginal process and the cremaster muscle .


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