Leo von Spaur

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Leo von Spaur (* around 1440; † 1479 or 1480) was the first Catholic bishop of Vienna.


Friedrich III. proposed him to Bishop of Brixen in 1464 , but Georg Golser got this office. From 1466 Leo von Spaur was pastor of Perchtoldsdorf . On August 20, 1471, the emperor, with the consent of the Pope, appointed him the first bishop of the newly founded diocese of Vienna . The Diocese of Passau , to which Vienna had previously belonged, protested violently against this appointment. Spaur did not want to take up the office because of the poverty of the diocese. In 1473 he was in Vienna, but did not exercise any episcopal activities. Because he suffered from an incurable mental illness, Johann Beckensloer was appointed administrator in 1477 . Spaur died in 1479 or 1480.