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August Leopold Kruger

August Leopold Krüger (* 1804 in Neustädtel , Freystadt district, † December 28, 1857 in Brieg ) was a German politician, mayor and member of the state parliament.


He was born on 1804 in Neustädtel (Freystadt district) as the son of the postman and inn owner Johann Gotthard Krüger (1772-1860). After graduating from high school, he studied law at the University of Breslau from about 1823 to 1827 . He then became an auscultator (court assessor without voting rights) and royal senior court clerk in Breslau in 1828. On June 2, 1833, he married Mathilde Jeanette Luise Gall (1808-1888). They had six children: Karl (1834–1899), Maria Mathilde (1838–1919), Paul Albert (1840–1921) ( Joachim von Reckow ; Hans Richter (actor, 1919) ), Max August (1841–1904) ( Joachim Krüger (Metallurg) , Jenny Auguste (1845–1898) ( Hans Walter Aust ) and Georg (1851–1940).

Political career

In the spring of 1833 Leopold Krüger was elected mayor and police director in Grünberg ( Zielona Góra ) (Lower Silesia) for a six-year term and took up his post on July 1, 1833 (Grünberg 1840: 10,230 inhabitants). He received an annual salary of 500 thalers. In 1838 he was elected mayor for a second term, and then for a third term (1845-1851). He now received 800 thalers / a and the pension commitment was granted.

On August 5, 1844 he was elected as a member of the Silesian Provincial Parliament , and in 1847 as a member of the first united Prussian state parliament .

On October 1, 1847, Krüger moved to the somewhat larger city of Liegnitz ( Legnica ) as mayor (1840: 13,150 inhabitants). In mid-March 1848 the bourgeois liberal revolution broke out across Germany , including in Liegnitz. At the end of March 1848 a delegation of the Liegnitz citizens traveled to Berlin, was received by the Prussian king and presented their demands. This fact prompted the newly appointed, quite reactionary district president of Liegnitz, Count Ferdinand von Westphalen (1799–1876), to dismiss Liegnitz mayor Leopold Krüger in autumn 1849 after only two years in office.

Around two years later, Leopold Krüger was able to be re-elected mayor of the smaller town of Brieg for twelve years (Brieg 1840: 11,924 inhabitants). With confirmation by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV and the Minister of the Interior, Count Ferdinand von Westphalen , he took up this office in June 1852; he received an annual salary of 1000 thalers a year and a vacant apartment in the town hall.

Mayor Krüger died in Brieg on December 28, 1857 at the age of just 54. At that time, like his father Johann Gotthard Krüger, he was a Knight of the Red Eagle Order .


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