Liaisons Dangereuses

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Liaisons Dangereuses
General information
origin Dusseldorf , Germany
Genre (s) Minimal electro , EBM , post-punk , avant-garde
founding 1981 as CHBB
resolution 1983
Founding members
Chrislo Haas
Beate Bartel
Last occupation
Singing, lyrics
Krishna Goineau
Synthesizer, sequencer
Chrislo Haas
Lyrics, singing
Beate Bartel
Live and session members
Joanna Goineau

Liaisons Dangereuses was a German band founded in 1981 by Beate Bartel (formerly Mania D ) and Chrislo Haas (previously German-American friendship ) in Düsseldorf . It is considered to be an influential pioneering project in modern electronic music.


Even before the formal establishment of the Liaisons Dangereuses both had under the name Chbb collaborated emerged at this time four ten minute long, untitled cassettes in appearance only by their cover color distinction and therefore sometimes black , silver , blue and red are called . They were published in an edition of only 50 and are usually added to the work of the Liaisons Dangereuses.

With singer Krishna Goineau, who had traveled from Barcelona and had been a member of the Spanish post-punk group Xeerox since the late 1970s , they released their album Liaisons Dangereuses and the single Los niños del parque (German: The children from the park ) in 1981. . Los niños del parque is one of the best-selling underground singles in Germany and was later sampled many times due to the distinctive bass line created with the Korg MS-20 . A very idiosyncratic peculiarity is the 6/4 division of the bass line, which is set against the 4/4 rhythm, an unusual polyrhythm in pop music . The singing on Mystère dans le brouillard was performed by Krishna Goineau and his sister Joanna.

As narrow as the oeuvre of the Liaisons Dangereuses is, its influence was all the greater. The brief collaboration between the two pioneers of German electronic music partially anticipated EBM and techno and shaped these styles considerably. Their influence is often compared to that of Kraftwerk and the German-American friendship.

After the band broke up, Beate Bartel devoted herself to her Matador project (together with Gudrun Gut and Manon Duursma (see Mania D and Malaria! )) And made her live debut at documenta 7 in Kassel in 1982 . In 2004 she performed together with Bettina Köster from Malaria! under the name BARNEY and in December 2005 she surprised the Stockholm audience at the moment: berlin festival as a bass player in the cast "BPWW" ( Beate B artel , bass, Martin P eter , guitar; Emilio W inschetti , vocals; Thomas W ydler , Drums).

Krishna Goineau first lived in Düsseldorf and then in Berlin. In the mid-1980s he went to Brussels and was the singer and keyboard player for the Metropakt ( Neue Strassen ) and Velodrome ( glass factory ) projects , which he realized together with Jordi Guber (Jorge Guber). He was also the singer of the band Micro Chip League (MCL) founded in 1986 in Frankfurt am Main around Alexander Henninger.

Chrislo Haas died in Berlin in October 2004.



  • CHBB 1 - Black , C-10, 1981
  • CHBB 2 - Red , C-10, 1981
  • CHBB 3 - Blue , C-10, 1981
  • CHBB 4 - silver , C-10, 1981

Liaisons Dangereuses

  • Liaisons Dangereuses , album, 1981
  • Los niños del parque , single, 1982
  • Los niños del parque , maxi single, 1982


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