Lisa OS

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LISA OS, Local Integrated Software Architecture Office System
One of the first GUIs for a PC
developer Apple Inc.
License (s) Proprietary
Current  version 3.1 (1983)
ancestry \ ( UCSD Pascal )
Architecture (s) 68k
Others Development stopped; there are successors

Lisa OS ( Lisa O ffice S ystem ) was after the Xerox Star (1981) the second commercial operating system with a completely graphical user interface .

It was in 1983 exclusively on the Apple Lisa from Apple used. It used simple multitasking and virtual memory , which were extremely advanced functions for a personal computer at the time . However, the use of virtual memory along with the relatively slow floppy disk system made the system sometimes seem very slow to perform. The concept of Lisa OS was based on that of the Xerox Alto (1973), from which the Xerox Star also emerged . Lisa had two main modes of use: the graphic office system and the text-based workshop.

The workshop was an almost entirely text-based programming environment , but it used an editor with a graphical user interface.

The office system came with a spreadsheet program (LisaCalc and LisaList), a program for creating graphics (LisaGraph), a project management program with an integrated program evaluation and review technique / Gantt diagram (LisaProject), a drawing program (LisaDraw) and optionally a DEC VT / ANSI terminal emulator (LisaTerminal).

However, after the computer was too expensive and the sales of Lisa did not want to cease, the failure of Lisa and Lisa OS ultimately led to the development of the Macintosh and the Macintosh system software - without multitasking and virtual memory.

Large parts of Lisa were still used as Macintosh XL , which is why it can also be viewed as Lisa 2. The Macintosh XL is fully compatible with Lisa OS, but cannot run the successor operating system Macintosh System Software natively - the included emulation program MacWorks XL (or its newer version MacWorks Plus and Plus II) allows it on the Macintosh XL System 1.1 to 7.5 .5 execute.

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