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In the list of cultural monuments in Holsthum all cultural monuments of the Rhineland-Palatinate local community of Holsthum are listed. The basis is the list of monuments of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (as of May 17, 2018).

Monument zones

designation location Construction year description image
Monument zone Glashütte On the hut without number and 1, Ferschweiler Straße 2 and 3
from 1769 Area on both sides of the Enz, on your left the castle (Ferschweiler Straße 2; 1789, stables marked 1845, Terrassengarten), on the right the hut founded in 1769 (glass production abandoned in the middle of the 19th century) with remains of the hut building and the warehouse (on the hut without number); Glass master's house (Auf der Hütte 1), administrator's house (Ferschweiler Straße 3), grinding and tailoring shop (Ferschweiler Straße, next to no. 3), pond
Monument zone Ferschweiler Strasse Ferschweiler Strasse 12, 14, 15, 16
Late 18th and 19th centuries Group of farms that were built in the south of the village in the late 18th and 19th centuries
Monument zone mill Mühlenweg 9 / 9a
1784 former mill; Corridor kitchen house with knee floor marked 1784, mill building marked 1819, farm building from the second quarter of the 19th century, weir, ditch; Sawmill 1860/70
Monument zone Oberdorf Oberdorf 8–22
19th and 20th centuries Densely built-up section of the Oberdorf street with courtyards from the 19th to the early 20th century (No. 8 with barn marked 1808, No. 9 marked 1820, No. 10/11 double house, marked 1802 and 1812, combined in 1820, No. 16 probably early 19th century, no.17 marked 1792, 1911 rebuilding)
Monument zone Roman villa rustica southeast of the
2nd century AD Roman villa with a symmetrical floor plan, 2nd century, remains of columns in the portico; Finds dating back to the La Tène period Monument zone Roman villa rustica

Individual monuments

designation location Construction year description image
Glassworks Location on the hut without a number
around 1769 Ruin of the hut building; Rotunda, red sandstone; Cellar and wall of the former warehouse; around 1769
Glass master's house On the hut 1
1794 former home of the glass master; one and a half storey hipped roof building, marked 1794
Holsthum Castle Ferschweilerstraße 2
1789 stately home; Plastered building with mansard roof with crooked hip, marked 1789, barn 1845, round-arched horse stable, before 1862, garden with terraced orchards Holsthum Castlemore pictures
Administration building Ferschweilerstraße 3
before 1800 Administration building of the former glassworks; Half-hip roof construction, shortly before 1800, farm building Administration building
Grinding shop Ferschweilerstraße, next to No. 3
around 1800 Grinding shop of the former glassworks; industrial production building with hipped roof Grinding shop
Courtyard Ferschweilerstraße 14
1794 Streckhof, marked 1794, stable extension probably from the construction period
Department store Mühlenweg 5
first quarter of the 19th century large-volume plastered building, first quarter of the 19th century, converted into a department store in 1901; defining the streetscape
Catholic parish church Maria Himmelfahrt and Rochus Oberdorf
1810 Hall building, marked 1810, 1949/50 and 1966 repaired, extended with a transverse building and reoriented;
Laeis family tomb in the churchyard, around 1880 by Steinmetz Hess, Neuerburg
Catholic parish church Maria Himmelfahrt and Rochusmore pictures
Marian column Oberdorf
around 1920 neo-Gothic Mother of God with child on an antique column, around 1920 Marian column
portal Oberdorf, at No. 9
1820 Portal, marked 1720, correctly probably 1820
Notary Oberdorf 12
1805 former notary's office; Residential house, knee-length floor with lunettes, marked 1805; defining the streetscape
Residential building Oberdorf 18
1792 five-axis house, marked 1792
Village community center Schulstrasse 4
1922/23 former school; Plastered building on ashlar plinth, reform architecture, 1922/23
Chapel of St. Rochus east of the village on the L 2
1866 Plastered building, marked 1866
Burial ground southwest of the
2nd century AD two Gallo-Roman grave groups, 2nd century, sandstone ash boxes


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