List of the members of the Landtag of Waldeck-Pyrmont 1917–1919

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This list names the list of members of the Landtag of Waldeck-Pyrmont 1917-1919 .

In 1852, Prince Georg Victor passed the constitutional charter for the principalities of Waldeck and Pyrmont . This determined a new right to vote and in 1917 the 24th and last Landtag was elected under this right to vote. 15 MPs were elected indirectly in multiple constituencies. These constituencies corresponded to the four administrative districts, with four members being elected for each district. The exception was Pyrmont, where three MPs were elected. The legal basis for the election was the Electoral Act of August 17, 1852 (Wald. Reg. Bl. P. 163) in the version dated August 2, 1856 (Wald. Reg. Bl. P. 75).

List of MPs

The MPs so designated were:

Constituency MP Remarks
Circle of twist August best
Circle of twist Karl Knoll
Circle of twist Heinrich Welle
Circle of twist Christian Heine
Eisenberg district Oswald Waldschmidt
Eisenberg district Heinrich Bohle
Eisenberg district Christian Zölzer
Eisenberg district Christian Köchling
Circle of Eder Wilhelm Schmieding NLP
Circle of Eder Hermann Waldschmidt
Circle of Eder Karl Kruger
Circle of Eder Carl Hartmann
Pyrmont district Heinrich Stuckenbrock
Pyrmont district Emil Bermann
Pyrmont district Gustav Baumbach


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