List of the members of the Landtag of Waldeck-Pyrmont 1848–1849

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Wolrad Schumacher, author of the adopted constitution

This list names the list of members of the Landtag of Waldeck-Pyrmont 1848–1849 .

After the March Revolution on April 8, 1848, the old estates determined a new right to vote, according to which a state parliament was elected, which should primarily serve as a constituent assembly. Twelve MPs were elected indirectly in six two-person constituencies. The constituencies were:

Constituency area
I. Urban constituency Korbach with Sachsenhausen, Sachsenberg and Fürstenberg
II. Urban constituency Nieder-Wildungen with Alt-Wildungen, Züschen, Waldeck and Freienhagen
III. Urban constituency Mengeringhausen with Rhoden, Landau and Arolsen
I. Rural constituency Oberamt des Eisenberg and Amt Lichtenfeld
II. Rural constituency Upper offices of Eder and advertising
III. Rural constituency Upper offices of the Twiste and the Diemel

In addition, two MPs from Pyrmont were included in the deliberations.

The MPs so designated were:

Constituency MP Remarks
I. Urban constituency Robert Schumacher
I. Urban constituency Wilhelm von Hanxleden
II. Urban constituency Robert Varnhagen
II. Urban constituency Jacob Rörig until May 14, 1849
II. Urban constituency Carl Kratz from May 14, 1849
III. Urban constituency Wolrad Schumacher
III. Urban constituency Wilhelm Großkurth president
I. Rural constituency Bernhard Bunte
I. Rural constituency Julius Steinmetz
II. Rural constituency Friedrich Backhaus
II. Rural constituency Friedrich Gottmann
III. Rural constituency Karl trainer until February 19, 1849
III. Rural constituency August Schreiber from February 19, 1849
III. Rural constituency Karl Wilhelm Runte
Principality of Pyrmont Carl Ludwig Rumpf
Principality of Pyrmont Carl Rudolph Waldeck


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