Karl Krüger (politician, 1868)

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Karl Franz Wilhelm Julius Krüger (born October 8, 1868 in Nieder-Wildungen , † March 4, 1921 in Bad Wildungen ) was a German doctor and politician .

Krüger was the son of the medical councilor Dr. med. Julius Krüger and his wife Auguste nee Hütteroth. He married Else Wippermann on November 14, 1899 in Halver / Westphalia.

Krüger attended the high school in Wildungen and the grammar school in Korbach . In 1882 he passed the Abitur and then studied medicine in Marburg , Berlin and Göttingen . In 1893 he was awarded a Dr. med. PhD. From 1893 to 1895 he was assistant to Professors Ebstein and König in Göttingen and from 1896 a doctor in Bad Wildungen, Amsterdam and Utrecht . He was a specialist in urinary and venereal diseases. In 1908 he became a district physician for the Eder district . In 1918 he was appointed court advisor and resigned as a district physician. In the same year he became chief physician of the reserve hospital in Bad Wildungen.

From 1908 to 1919 he was a member of the state parliament of the Principality of Waldeck-Pyrmont for the constituency “Kreis der Eder” . In 1915 he was elected representative of the Vice President in case he was unable to attend.


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