List of circuit symbols (measurement, control and regulation technology)

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Measurement, control and regulation technology

Measuring device

Indicating measuring devices
Symbol tensiometer.svg Tension meter
Symbol Power factor measurer.svg Power factor
Symbol Synchronoscope.svg Synchroscope
Icon Oscilloscope.svg oscilloscope
Ammeter.png Ammeter
Recording gauges
Active power writer.svg icon Real power recorder
Symbol Plotter.svg Curve recorder
Integrating measuring devices
Symbol watt-hour meter.svg Watt hour meter
Icon Two-tariff counter.svg Dual tariff meter
Symbol Maximumcounter.svg Maximum counter
Electric clocks
Icon Clock.svg Clock in
Mainclock.svg icon Master clock
Symbol Clock (with Switch) .svg Clock with switch
Measuring transducer
Symbol Thermocouple.svg Thermocouple
with indication of polarity
Symbol Thermocouple2.svg Thermocouple
with indication of polarity; Marking of the negative pole with a broad line
Symbol Thermocouple3.svg Thermocouple
with non-isolated heating element
Synchro.svg. Symbol Resolvers in
First letter
C. control
R. Decomposition into components ( resolver )
T Rotation angle
Second letter
B. Rotatable stator winding
D. differential
R. receiver
T transformer
X Giver , sender
Symbol Angle of rotation giver.svg Rotary encoder
Telemetry equipment
Remote signal generator.svg Remote measurement transmitter , telemetry transmitter
Remote measurement receiving device.svg symbol Remote measuring receiver , telemetry receiver
Measuring relay
Symbol Zero-voltage relay.svg Zero voltage relay
Overcurrent relay.svg icon Overcurrent relay
Icon Overcurrent relay2.svg Overcurrent relay
two measuring elements; 3 to 5 amps
Measuring and counting devices
Icon Book wood relay.svg Buchholz relay
Symbol Fire protection alarm unit.svg Fire alarm
Symbol Impulse counter.svg Electrically operated pulse counter
Symbol Impulse counter2.svg Pulse counter
quadruple contactor; one contact closes with every second, the other with every thousandth impulse
Indicator lights, signaling devices
Symbol Visual indicator1.svg Indicator
lamp, general
Symbol Visual indicator2.svg Flashing indicator
Symbol Visual indicator3.svg Visual indicator
electromechanical, Indicators , trapdoor
Symbol Flaps position indicator.svg Position indicator
with one rest position (fault position) and two working positions
Symbol Acknowledging alarm unit.svg Acknowledgment indicator
Symbol Horn.svg Horn , horn
Icon Bell.svg Alarm clock , bell
Icon Gong.svg gong
Icon Buzzer.svg Buzzer
Light barrier.svg symbol Light barrier
with light transmitter (constant light); Light receiver with analog output

Counting devices


character description
Asynchronous dual counter
Synchronous dual counter
Synchronous BCD counter
Mod-n counter
Shift register (chain circuit)
Circulating storage
Stack memory (LIFO)
Silo storage ( FIFO )

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