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The List of the Blessed and Saints is an alphabetical overview of the saints and blessed of various denominations of Christianity .

In 2004 the Roman Catholic Church updated the Martyrologium Romanum , in which 6650 saints and blessed are listed and 7400 martyrs . The exact number of all saints and blessed is unknown. The procedure for a formal canonization process gradually emerged from around the early Middle Ages . Ulrich von Augsburg is the first saint to be confirmed by formal canonization .

The column for the Protestant churches represents a special case : They reject a formal beatification or canonization. In Article 21, the Confessio Augustana expressly recommends commemorating saints, but only as models in faith, while the invocation of saints is rejected. Against this background there are also calendars of names and saints of Protestant churches. For this reason, persons from such calendars are also listed in the corresponding column, for example from the Evangelical Name Calendar of the EKD or the Saints Calendars of the ELCA and the LCMS .

The aim is a complete listing, so the list needs to be supplemented. Due to its size, it was divided according to the first letter.

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Numerous names of saints are also found among the search terms Holy ... , Santa ... or St. ... or Seliger ... and in accordance with the numerous forms of speech of saint , Saint and Seliger as San , Santa , Saint , Sainte , etc.


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