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Calendar of saints at a Dominican monastery in Turku, around 1340–1360. The page shows the month of June with the feast day of St. Bishop Heinrich von Uppsala and the feast of the birth of John the Baptist

As Sacred Calendar that is in the Roman Catholic Church used calendrical directory the Holy designated that each of these, a memorial associates. The saints calendar is related to the martyrology , a directory of martyrs and other saints, which usually contains a brief summary of their lives and the circumstances of their death.

Origin and meaning

Originally, saints' calendars were part of liturgical books that indicate on which days and according to which order certain saints are commemorated in the services . According to the multitude of liturgical traditions in the various regions of the Christian Church as well as in the liturgical books that are used in certain religious orders or individual monasteries, there is a multitude of calendars of saints.

These are usually written as sanctorals , which are books that, in addition to the calendar date and the saint, also list the own texts (Latin: proprium) of the respective saint's memory . The calendar of saints differs from the general liturgical calendar (Latin: Temporale) in that, unlike the dates of the festival circle, which is dependent on Easter, the days of remembrance have a fixed date, i.e. they are immovable if they are not replaced by another festival become.

Order of the calendar of saints in the Roman Catholic Church

Pope Pius V introduced regulation for the Western Catholic Church in 1568/1570 in the course of implementing the reforms of the Council of Trent . The basis of the calendar he introduced with 158 saints' feasts was the urban Roman calendar . This calendar was considered the basis for the Latin liturgy of the Catholic Church until the reforms in the course of the Second Vatican Council , when the basic order of the church year and the new Roman general calendar were introduced in 1969 and since then attempts have been made again to divide the saints calendar by country, cultural area and spiritual To pluralize traditions in the church (such as the religious orders' own calendars). For example, there is the regional calendar for the German-speaking area , which regulates the veneration of saints in Catholic services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the dioceses of Luxembourg and Bozen-Brixen.

Calendar of saints, feast days and feasts of saints

The saints calendar contains the feast days of the saints in the church year of the Catholic Church . The date of commemoration of the saints is usually the day of the saint's death, so to speak, his birthday in heaven; only in the case of John the Baptist and the Mother of God does the saints calendar list both the date of birth and the day of death. From its origins, the liturgical veneration of saints is to be understood as a Christian cult of the dead .

There are also calendars of saints in the Orthodox churches , among the Anglicans and also in some Reformation churches ( Evangelical calendar of names ). Ancient ritualists within these churches usually use a correspondingly older version of the calendar of saints together with the older form of their liturgy .

The feast days of the saints are also celebrated as name days by those baptized in the saint or the festive secret of the day in question . In the past it was also common to choose the day saint of the day of birth or baptism as the namesake; Martin Luther z. B. was baptized the day after his birth and therefore named after Martin von Tours (November 11th).

Some of these memorial days are considered lost days , many others have been assigned to many others by the vernacular - often in rhyme form - peasant rules that make predictions about the development of the weather and often their effects on agriculture. For example, the farmer's rule for Martin's Day on November 11th is: "If the Martini is clear and pure, winter will soon come."


0January 1st - Solemnity of the Blessed Mother Mary
0January 2nd - Basil of Caesarea , Gregory of Nazianz , Adalhard
0January 3 - Zdislava ( Dominican ), Genoveva of Paris , Odilo of Cluny , Adela of Pfalzel , Telemachus
0January 4th - Oringa Menabuoi also called Christiane von Lucca, Angelika von Foligno , Elisabeth Anna Bayley Seton
0January 5th - Eduard the Confessor , Aemiliana ( Emilie ), Johannes Nepomuk Neumann ; Roger of Todi , Rafaela Porras y Ayllón
0January 6th - Macarius the Scot
0January 7th - Raymond of Peñafort
0January 8th - Severin von Noricum
0January 9th - Peter of Sebaste
January 10th - Paulus von Thebes , Leonie Aviat , Gregor X. , Agatho , Wilhelm von Donjeon , Pietro Orseolo
January 11th - Theodosius , Thomas von Cori , Hyginus , Paulinus von Aquileja
January 12 - Bernardo da Corleone
January 13th - Hilary of Poitiers , mongoose of Glasgow
January 14th - Felix von Nola
January 15 - Arnold Janssen , Maurus , Habakuk
January 17th - Anthony the Great
January 18 - Odilo of Bavaria
January 19 - Heinrich von Uppsala
January 20 - Fabianus , Sebastian
January 21 - Agnes of Rome , Epiphanius of Pavia
January 22nd - Vincent Pallotti , Vincent of Saragossa
January 23 - Emerentiana , Hartmut von St. Gallen , Heinrich Seuse , Ildefons von Toledo , Lüfthildis , Blessed Nikolaus Groß , Eugen Bolz , Wido von Adwert
January 24th - Francis de Sales
January 25th - Heinrich Seuse
January 26 - Titus and Timothy
January 27 - Angela Merici
January 28th - Thomas von Aquin , Irmund von Jülich
January 30th - Bathilde , Maria Ward , Martina
January 31 - Aidán von Ferns , Johannes Bosco


0February 1st - Brigida of Kildare
0February 3rd - Blasius von Sebaste , Ansgar
0February 4th - Rabanus Maurus , Isidore of Pelusium
0February 5th - Adelheid von Vilich , Agatha von Catania
0February 6 - Paul Miki and companions
0February 7th - Richard of Wessex , sel Petro Werhun
0February 8 - Hieronymus Ämiliani
0February 9 - Apollonia
February 10th - Scholastica of Nursia
February 14th - Cyril of Salonica , Method of Saloniki , Valentin of Terni
February 16 - Juliana of Nicomedia
February 19 - Barbatus of Benevento
February 22nd - Kathedra Petri
February 23 - Polycarp of Smyrna
February 24th - Matthias
February 27th - Markward von Prüm


0March 1st - Suitbert , Donatus von Basel
0March 2nd - Agnes of Bohemia
0March 3rd - Anselm von Nonantola
0March 6th - Fridolin von Säckingen
0March 7th - Perpetua and Felicitas , Volker von Segeberg
0March 9th - Bruno von Querfurt and Franziska von Rom
March 12th - John Baptist Righi
March 14th - Mathilde
March 15 - Klemens Maria Hofbauer
March 16 - Heribert von Cologne
March 17th - Patrick of Ireland , Gertrud von Nivelles
March 18 - Cyril of Jerusalem
March 19 - Joseph, bridegroom of the Blessed Mother Mary
March 21 - Benedict of Nursia
March 24th - Catherine of Sweden
March 25 - Dismas
March 26th - Liudger , Kastulus
March 29 - Berthold of Calabria
March 31 - Guido of Pomposa


0April 3 - Richard of Chichester
0April 4th - Isidore of Seville , Benedict the Mohr
0April 5th - Maria Creszentia Höss , Vinzenz Ferrer , Juliana von Liège
0April 7th - Johann Baptist de la Salle
0April 8 - Walter von Pontoise , Beate
0April 9th ​​- Waltraud of Mons
April 10th - Eberwin von Helfenstein
April 11th - Stanislaus of Cracow
April 12 - Julius I.
April 14 - Tiburtius of Rome
April 16 - Bernadette Soubirous
April 17th - Kateri Tekakwitha
April 20 - Hildegunde von Schönau
April 21 - Anselm of Canterbury , Conrad of Parzham
April 22nd - Agapitus I.
April 23 - Georg , Adalbert of Prague , Ibar of Beggerin
April 24th - Robert von Turlande , Fidelis von Sigmaringen
April 25 - Mark the Evangelist , Anianus of Alexandria
April 26th - John of Valence , Cletus
April 27th - Petrus Armengol , In Germany: Petrus Canisius
April 28 - Pierre Chanel
April 29th - Catherine of Siena , Hugo of Cluny
April 30th - Pius V , Josef Benedikt Cottolengo
April 30th - Quirinus von Neuss (Rome)


0May 1st - Joseph the Worker
0May 2 - Athanasius the Great , Wiborada
0May 3 - Philip and James (equated with James the Righteous )
0May 4th - Florian , Guido von Pomposa
0May 5th - Godehard von Hildesheim
May 10 - Damian de Veuster , Gordianus and Epimachus
May 11th - Mamertus
May 12th - Pankratius , Álvaro del Portillo
May 13 - Servatius
May 14 - Boniface of Tarsus
May 15 - Sophia of Rome
May 16 - Honorius of Amiens , Johannes Nepomuk
May 19 - Alkuin , Maria Bernarda Bütler
May 21 - Konstantin , Eugen von Mazenod , Hermann Joseph von Steinfeld
May 22nd - Juliet of Corsica
May 24 - Queen Esther
May 25th - Bede, the Venerable , Sara, the servant , Urban I. , Maria Magdalena von Pazzi
May 26th - Philipp Neri
May 30th - Jeanne d'Arc , Zdislava
May 31 - Petronilla
Sunday after Corpus Christi - Blessed Gezelinus von Schlebusch


0June 1st - Simeon of Trier , Fortunatus of Todi
0June 5th - Boniface , Adalar
0June 6th - Norbert von Xanten , Kevin von Glendalough
0June 7th - Robert of Newminster
0June 8th - Medardus of Vermandois
0June 9 - Columban of Iona
June 12th - Odulf of Utrecht , Basilides and companions
June 13th - Anthony of Padua
June 14th - Elisha
June 15 - Vitus
June 16 - Benno von Meißen
June 18 - Potentinus with his sons Felicius and Simplicius
June 19 - Romuald
June 21 - Aloisius of Gonzaga
June 22nd - Thomas More , Aaron of Caerleon
June 24th - Birth of John the Baptist
June 26th - Josemaría Escrivá
June 27th - Cyril of Alexandria , Hemma of Gurk
June 28th - Irenaeus of Lyon
June 29th - Peter and Paul
June 30th - Otto von Bamberg


0July 1st - Theodoric of Reims
0July 2nd - Peter of Luxembourg
0July 3 - Thomas (Apostle) , Leo II.
0July 4th - Ulrich von Augsburg , Elisabeth von Portugal
0July 5th - Antonio Maria Zaccaria
0July 6th - Maria Goretti , Goar
0July 7th - Hedda of Wessex
0July 8 - Kilian
July 10th - Olav , Erik and Knud , Alexander of Rome
July 11 - Benedict of Nursia , Oliver Plunkett
July 12th - Ansbald von Prüm , Johannes Gualbertus
July 13th - Sara the Hermit , Heinrich and Kunigunde and Clelia Barbieri
July 15th - Bonaventure of Bagnoregio , Rosalia
July 16 - Maria Magdalena Postel
July 17 - Charlotte Thouret
July 18 - Arnold von Arnoldsweiler , Arnulf von Metz , Friedrich I. von Utrecht
July 20 - Elijah
July 22nd - Mary Magdalene
July 23 - Birgitta of Sweden
July 24th - Christophorus , Christina von Bolsena , Christina the Wonderful , Scharbel Machluf
July 25th - James the Elder
July 26th - Anna, mother of Mary , Joachim, father of Mary
July 27th - Berthold von Garsten
July 28 - Timon
July 29th - Beatrix of Rome , Martha (of Bethany) , Olav
July 30th - Abdon and Sennen
July 31st - Ignatius of Loyola


0August 3 - Lydia
0August 4th - Jean-Marie Vianney (the parish priest of Ars), Vitalis and Agricola
0August 5th - Oswald (Northumbria)
0August 7th - Afra von Augsburg , Albertus Siculus
0August 8th - Dominic , Cyriacus
0August 9 - Teresia Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), Romanus of Rome
August 10th - Lawrence of Rome
August 11th - Clare of Assisi , Susanna of Rome
August 12th - Johanna Franziska von Chantal
August 13 - Kassian
August 14 - Maximilian Kolbe
August 15th - Assumption of the Virgin Mary , Arnulf von Soissons
August 16 - Stephan I.
August 17th - Altfrid
August 18 - Helena , Florus and Laurus
August 19 - Sebaldus of Nuremberg
August 20 - Bernhard von Clairvaux
August 21 - Pius X.
August 23 - Rosa of Lima , Kallinikos I.
August 24th - Apostle Bartholomew
August 25 - Louis IX , Mirjam von Abellin
August 26th - Johanna Elisabeth Bichier des Ages
August 27th - Monika (the mother of St. Augustine)
August 28th - Augustine of Hippo
August 29th - Beheading of John the Baptist, Sabina
August 30 - Felix
August 31 - Nicodemus


0September 1 - Aegidius , Joshua
0September 2 - Ingrid Elovsdotter
0September 3 - Gregory the Great
0September 4th - Rosalia
0September 6th - Magnus von Füssen
0September 7th - Ralph Corbie , Regina
0September 8th - the birth of the Virgin
0September 9 - Petrus Claver
September 12th - Name of the Virgin
September 13 - John Chrysostom
September 15 - Oranna , Catherine of Genoa
September 16 - Cornelius
September 17th - Hildegard von Bingen
September 19 - Arnulf von Gap
September 20 - Andreas Kim Taegon , Paul Chong Hasang and companions
September 21 - Matthew , Jonah
September 22nd - Mauritius , Otto von Freising
September 23 - Pio von Pietrelcina , Linus , Elisabeth (the mother of John the Baptist)
September 25th - Niklaus von Flüe , Firmin the Elder of Amiens
September 26th - Paul VI.
September 27th - Vincent de Paul
September 28th - Saint Bernard of Feltre
September 29 - Michael , Raphael and Gabriel
September 30th - Jerome


0October 1st - Therese von Lisieux
0October 2 - holy guardian angels
0October 3 - Dionysius the Areopagite
0October 4th - Francis of Assisi
0October 5th - Maria Faustyna Kowalska , Placidus von Subiaco , Termelines (Timerlin)
0October 6 - Bruno
0October 7th - Justina of Padua
0October 8 - Birgitta of Sweden in the calendar of the extraordinary form of the Roman rite
0October 9 - Dionysius (Denis) of Paris
October 11 - John XXIII
October 12th - Maximilian vom Pongau
October 13 - Koloman
October 14th - Burkard von Würzburg
October 15 - Teresa von Ávila , Thekla von Kitzingen
October 16 - Margareta Maria Alacoque
October 17th - Ignatius of Antioch
October 18 - Luke the Evangelist
October 19 - Jean de Brébeuf , Isaak Jogues and companions
October 20 - Wendelin
October 21 - John of Bridlington , Ursula of Cologne
October 22nd - John Paul II
October 23rd - James the Just , Severin of Cologne
October 24th - Antonius Maria Claret , Everigisil
October 25 - Crispinus and Crispinianus
October 26th - Wigand von Waldsassen
October 27th - Gaudiosus of Naples
October 28 - Judas Thaddäus , Simon Zelotes
October 29th - Berengar von Vornbach
October 30th - Bernhard Schwentner
October 31 - Wolfgang von Regensburg


0November 1st - All Saints' Day
0November 3rd - Hubertus , Pirminius , Malachias
0November 4th - Charles Borromeo
0November 5th - Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg
0November 6th - Leonhard of Limoges
0November 7th - Ernst von Neresheim , Willibrord
0November 8th - Willehad , all martyrs of the Archdiocese of Berlin
0November 9 - Theodor Stratelates
November 10th - Leo the Great
November 11th - Martin von Tours (Martini), Theodor Studites
November 12th - Kunibert of Cologne
November 13th - Stanislaus Kostka , Brictius von Tours , Didakus
November 15 - Albert the Great , Leopold of Austria
November 16 - Eucherius of Lyon
November 17th - Gertrud von Helfta , Gregory von Tours , Hilda von Whitby
November 19 - Elisabeth of Thuringia
November 20th - Bernward von Hildesheim
November 22nd - Cecilia , Philemon and Blessed Salvatore Lilli
November 23 - Clement of Rome , Columban of Luxeuil
November 25 - Catherine of Alexandria
November 26th - Stylian , Konrad von Konstanz
November 27th - Jehoshaphat of India
November 30th - Andreas


0December 1st - Blanka of Castile , Eligius
0December 2nd - Bibiana
0December 3 - Franz Xavier
0December 4th - Barbara von Nikomedien , Anno II. Von Köln , Christian von Oliva
0December 6th - Saint Nicholas , Henrika and companions
0December 7th - Ambrose of Milan
0December 8th - John of Damascus
0December 9 - Pierre Fourier
December 12th - Vizelin of Oldenburg
December 13th - Lucia of Syracuse , Odilia ,
December 14th - Berthold von Regensburg
December 16 - Ado of Vienne
December 17th - Sturmius , Ignatius of Antioch , Olympias of Constantinople
December 21st - Thomas (Apostle) (old ecumenical and current evangelical day of remembrance, in the Roman Catholic Church now on July 3rd)
December 24th - Tarsilla , Delphin , Adam and Eve
December 26th - Stephen
December 27th - Apostle John
December 29th - Lothar I , Thomas Becket
December 31st - New Year I , Catherine Labouré , Melania the Elder

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Composition of the calendar of saints

During the calendar reform after the Second Vatican Council, over 30 names were dropped, the historicity of which was not clear. The numerically strongest group of saints are the martyrs . Apart from the martyrs, members of the clergy and the religious order form the vast majority of the names recorded. The liturgical scholar Hansjörg Auf der Maur criticizes that this reflects "the concept of a one-sided hierarchical and institutionally shaped church"; In addition, it is a sign of a “clerically male-organized church” that a large number of male saints only face 30 women. In addition, no figure from Old Testament salvation history appears in the calendar of saints . In addition, the saints calendar from 1970 reflects the image of a Eurocentric Church: 123 saints from Europe (including 25 from Rome and 37 from Italy) face 8 Africans, 14 Asians and 5 Americans and Oceanians.


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  • Otto Wimmer: Handbook of names and saints, with a history of the Christian calendar. 3rd edition Innsbruck / Vienna / Munich 1966; from 4th edition 1982, by Otto Wimmer and Hartmann Melzer, under the title Lexicon of Names and Saints .

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