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Hans Bernhard Meyer SJ (born December 23, 1924 in Mannheim ; † February 26, 2002 in Innsbruck ) was a German Jesuit and liturgical scholar .


Meyer was drafted into the Wehrmacht in 1942. After returning home from the war, he first studied philosophy at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg in Freiburg im Breisgau . In 1946 he joined the Jesuit order in Pullach near Munich. From 1948 on he completed the customary studies of philosophy at the College of Philosophy in Pullach and the Jesuit College in Chantilly ; his theology studies at the Philosophical-Theological University Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt am Main and the Leopold-Franzens-University in Innsbruck as well as the tertiary in Salamanca. Meyer was ordained a priest in 1956 . In 1959 he was at Josef Andreas Jungmann in Innsbruck for Dr. theol. PhD . After research stays in Munich, Rome, Trier and Tübingen , he completed his habilitation in 1964 and was appointed university lecturer in the theological faculty of Innsbruck for pastoral theology.

From 1966 Meyer taught at the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck , first as a full professor for moral theology and social theory, from 1969 liturgical science - as successor to his teacher Josef Andreas Jungmann. He was also director of the Institute for Liturgical Studies.

He was the chief editor of the Innsbruck magazine for Catholic theology .

Until 2001, Meyer initiated and was responsible for the eight-part handbook of liturgical science Divine Service of the Church , which has been published by Verlag Friedrich Pustet (Regensburg) since 1983. He himself wrote the volume Eucharist for this .

For several decades, Hans Bernhard Meyer belonged to important liturgical bodies, for example from 1966 to 1996 as a member of the Liturgical Commission for Austria and a member of the main commission for the preparation of God's praise .

Hans Bernhard Meyer had been a member of the Catholic student association AV Austria Innsbruck in the ÖCV since 1963 .

Works (in selection)

Publications in book form

  • Hans Bernhard Meyer: What church building means. A guide to sense, past and present , Freiburg im Breisgau, Basel, Vienna 1984, ISBN 3-451-19690-5 .
  • Hans Bernhard Meyer, Irmgard Pahl: Eucharist (= church service. Handbook for liturgical science, volume 4), Regensburg 1989, ISBN 3-7917-1200-4 .

(Co-) editorships

  • (Ed.) With Josef Schermann (collaboration) (Ed.), The service in the German-speaking area. Liturgical documents, books and aids , (= Studies on Pastoral Liturgy, Volume 5 (special volume)), Regensburg 1982, ISBN 978-3-7917-0756-3 .
  • Hans Bernhard Meyer (ed.): Church service. Handbook of Liturgical Studies , Regensburg, contains the following parts:
    • Volume 1, Church Service , Regensburg, 1983
    • Volume 2, Theology of Divine Service , Regensburg
    • Volume 3, Shape of the Service , Regensburg
    • Volume 4, Eucharist , Regensburg
    • Hansjörg Auf der Maur : Celebrate to the rhythm of time. Gentlemen's festivals in the week and year (church service, part 5, part 1) Regensburg 1983, ISBN 3-7917-0788-4 .
    • Philipp Harnoncourt a . a .: Celebrate to the rhythm of time. The calendar , Regensburg 1994, ISBN 3-7917-1403-1 .
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    • Reinhard Messner, Robert Oberforcher a. a .: Sacramental celebrations. Celebrating conversion and reconciliation , Regensburg 1992 (= church service, part 7, part volume 2), ISBN 3-7917-1334-5
    • Bruno Kleinheyer (co-author): Sacramental celebrations (= church service, part 8), Regensburg 1984, ISBN 3-7917-0940-2

Magazine articles

  • The elevation in the German Middle Ages and by Luther , ZKTh , in: Volume 85, 1963, p. 190


  • Sing to the Lord all peoples and races (music: Peter Janssens )
  • Lord, we bring in bread and wine from the Innsbruck University Fair , which was created for the festive service for the 300th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck in 1969 (music: Peter Janssens)

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