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Wolfgang Kosack (born October 29, 1943 in Berlin ) is a German Egyptologist and Coptologist .

Kosack is the son of the German geographer and cartographer Hans-Peter Kosack . He was born in 1970 at the University of Bonn with the work The legend in Coptic. PhD in studies of Egyptian folk literature . He then trained as a scientific librarian , which he completed in 1973. He then worked at the Berlin State Library .

For several years he worked with Moustafa Maher as an editor at the German-Arab cultural magazine Armant published by Helmut Birkenfeld . Among other things, he translates Coptic scripts . In 2013 he published two text adaptations and translations of fragments of Schenute by Atripe .

In autumn 2014, Kosack handed over manuscripts and early lithographic prints (in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Tibetan) as the "Kosack Collection" to the Oriental Department of the Berlin State Library, with the request that this inventory be looked after and - if necessary - preserved. Kosack handed over his collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts and written documents to the Egyptian Museum Bonn in November 2014 with the request that this collection be inventoried. The pieces are unrestrictedly accessible to the public and academic editing and were in the exhibition Not only Nefertiti? From March 18 to June 14, 2015 . shown.

In addition to the subject-related work, Kosack also writes literary works such as: Japanese Manga - Love Story and wrote a literary book about the sexuality of Friedrich II .: The Mannlichen Krefte der Liebe with historically documented letters, studies and sources.

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