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The Coptic Studies is a scientific field that deals with the Coptic language , the Coptic religion , culture and history of the Copts occupied an originally in Egypt -based ethno-religious group . Coptology is a so-called small subject at universities . The Coptic epoch describes the period that begins with the Christianization of Northeast Africa, particularly Egypt and Nubia , and extends to the present day.


As a university subject, it is taught in humanities or cultural studies, in philosophical and in theological faculties. Coptology is often offered within the subject of Egyptology , as Coptic is the last language level of the Egyptian language. In the field of art and material culture, there is strong overlap with Christian archeology and Byzantine studies . In recent years, the number of lecturers at German-speaking universities in the field of Coptic Studies has been cut; however, the number of professorships (2) has remained constant since 1997.

Coptology is taught at the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies in Cairo . In addition, Coptic Studies is offered as an integral part of an Oriental Studies course or as a double degree with Egyptology at the following universities:

Research areas

The research areas of coptology include:

  • research into the Coptic language and the Coptic manuscripts
  • the Christian archeology of Coptic, Nubian churches and settlements (with the excavations of the Coptic buildings and settlements being carried out by Christian archaeologists)
  • the study of the cultural influences on the Coptic culture and their interaction with other cultures
  • Questions about Eastern Church Studies and Biblical Texts ( Apocrypha )
  • Studies on Manichaeism and Gnosis , since the Coptic language is one of the oldest original texts

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