List of theaters in Augsburg

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Augsburg has a large number of theaters, which are listed here.

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Augsburger doll crate The Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theater in the historic Heilig-Geist Spital in Augsburg's old town has been performing fairy tales and serious plays since 1948. With numerous television productions (including pieces about Jim Knopf and Urmel ), the Puppenkiste gained nationwide fame since 1953. Augsburger Puppenkiste 02.JPG
Open-air stage at the Red Gate The open-air stage at the Red Gate , the largest open-air stage in southern Germany, has 2,117 seats and is played annually from mid-June to the end of July by the Augsburg State Theater with operas , operettas and musicals as well as guest performances and concerts. Augsburg-Freilichtbuehne.jpg
Large house The Great House is the main venue of the "Augsburg Theater". Above all, more elaborate classic and modern productions are performed here. Augsburg-Stadttheater.jpg
Hoffmannkeller The Hoffmannkeller is a vaulted cellar from the 18th century, which is used by the State Theater Augsburg as a youth and experimental stage, for jazz sessions as well as various other projects and events.
Small open-air theater in Augsburg The small Augsburg open-air theater is located at the Jakoberwall tower and is part of the Sensemble Theater .
Congress at the park The "Kongress am Park" convention center (formerly: Kongresshalle Augsburg) is used for congresses and sales exhibitions as well as for concerts and other cultural events. Augsburg Congress Hall.JPG
Abraxas House of Culture In the Abraxas Culture House there are mainly music, especially jazz, and theater performances as well as exhibitions. A fairytale tent has been on the outdoor area since March 1997. Abraxas Culture House.jpg
Kresslesmühle cultural center The Kulturhaus Kresslesmühle is a venue for cabaret and cabaret events in the Lechviertel and the venue for the annual “Augsburg Cabaret Days”. Augsburg-Kulturhaus Kresslesmühle.jpg
Park theater in the Kurhaus Göggingen The Kurhaus is used by the "Parktheater Augsburg im Kurhaus Göggingen" for speech and music theater, concerts, revues, variety shows, balls, conferences, symposia, company anniversaries, fashion presentations and weddings. Kurhaus inside today 1.jpg
Sensemble theater The Sensemble Theater has been playing on a small open-air stage in the medieval complex of Augsburg's Jakoberwallturm since 1998 and has also had its own venue in the Kulturfabrik in Augsburg since 2000. The pieces of the Sensemble Theater range from spoken, music, improvisational and expressive theater to performance and installation. Sensemble 1 ShiftN.jpg
Romanist theater of the university The Romanists Theater ran from summer 1977 to 2 December 2006 pieces from the Romance languages of French or German to. There have been performances again since 2013.
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Comedy in the Gignoux house The Gignoux-Haus in the Lechviertel of Augsburg is a historic building in the Rococo style and until July 2010 housed the Komödie, a venue of the Augsburg Theater. Augsburg Komoedie.jpg
Ludwigsbau The Ludwigsbau stood in what was then the Stadtgarten (today: Wittelsbacher Park ) and was a concert hall that was also used as an alternative venue for the Augsburg Theater after the Second World War.

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