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Lyudmila Andonova ( Bulgarian Людмила Андонова ., English transcription Lyudmila Andonova, born Жечева - Schetschewa - Zhecheva * 6. May 1960 in Novocherkassk ) is a former Bulgarian high jumper .

In 1982 she was sixth at the European Athletics Championships in Athens .

On July 20, 1984, she not only jumped the two meters for the first time, but also subsequently improved the world record by two centimeters to 2.07 m. The following year, on July 19, she tested positive for amphetamine during a competition control .

After the doping ban was lifted , she was twelfth at the World Athletics Championships in Rome in 1987 and fourth at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Budapest and fifth at the Olympic Games in Seoul . At the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​she was eliminated from qualification.

Lyudmila Andonowa is married to the Bulgarian decathlete Atanas Andonow .

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