Looking for Freedom

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Looking for Freedom
Marc Seaberg
publication August 1978
length 3:54
Genre (s) pop
text Gary Cowtan
music Jack White
Producer (s) Jack White
Label Ariola
album California gold
Cover versions
1978 Tony Marshall ( On the South Road )
1989 David Hasselhoff

Looking for Freedom is the title of a song published by Marc Seaberg in 1978 (16th place in Germany).

Origin and content

The music is by Jack White , the lyrics by Gary Cowtan. In the same year Jack White produced a German version with On the Road to the South with a text by Jon Athan for Tony Marshall .

According to his text, Looking for Freedom is the report of a young man who grew up rich and who left his parents' house because he had no freedom despite property. He has been traveling around the country since he left, doing odd jobs with which he earns little money in order to seek his freedom.

Version by David Hasselhoff

In 1989 the song was released as a successful new recording by David Hasselhoff , which also lends the title to an album produced by White by Hasselhoff. The official video from 1989 showed the singing David Hasselhoff as well as numerous recordings from the television series Knight Rider , which allow associations to the series content. In the said crime - action series Hasselhoff plays the hero Michael Knight, who fights crimes on behalf of the Foundation for Law and Constitution.

Since the song contains the word "Freedom" (English for "freedom") and was published around the time the Berlin Wall fell , it was interpreted as a freedom anthem. In 1989 it was the best-selling single in Germany and Switzerland and was number 1 in the charts for eight weeks in Germany , four weeks in Switzerland and two weeks in Austria . David Hasselhoff won the Golden Lion of Radio Luxemburg in 1989 with the piece .

More cover versions

The song was among others in 2006 by the Swedish pop and country singer Kikki Danielsson on her album I dag & i morgon gecovert . There are several other cover versions.

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