Louis d'Albret

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Tomb in Rome, designed by Andrea Bregno

Louis d'Albret (born December 23, 1422 , † September 4, 1465 in Rome ) was Bishop of Aire , Cahors and Tarbes , and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.


He was born in 1422 to Charles II d'Albret . In 1445 he became Bishop of Aire and in 1460 Bishop of Cahors . In 1461 he was made cardinal by Pius II . For one year in 1465 he was Bishop of Tarbes and was treasurer of the Holy College of Cardinals (Italian: Camerlengo).

In 1464 he took part in the conclave in which Paul II was elected Pope. He was the great-uncle of Cardinal Amanieu d'Albret .

His tomb is in Rome in the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli and was designed by Andrea Bregno .

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