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As lounge music or just lounge various musical styles are referred to for the background music in bars and lounges are suitable and generally have a relaxing character.

Lounge as a collective name

Lounge music is not a genre name , but a collective term for different styles that is used again and again by the music industry . Lounge music includes both electronic and acoustic styles of music. The spectrum ranges from electronic variants (from ambient and trip-hop , to quieter forms of playing house and mixed forms such as acid jazz , nu jazz , new age and the newer electro tango ) to older styles such as smooth jazz and easy listening . In newer genres assigned to lounge music, one finds many elements of traditional regional music styles, for example rhythms or typical vocals from Latin American and African music .

Lounge wave of the early 2000s

Today, the term is mainly associated with the last lounge wave that was triggered by the music industry in the early 2000s . Slower electronic styles had become relatively popular at the time, so it should prove lucrative for record companies to bring a variety of compilations to market under this name or classification.


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