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General information
Genre (s) Indie pop
founding 2004
resolution 2008 (?)
Last occupation
Helmstein gate
Dennis Granaht
Olle Hasselberg
Eliasson is different

The Loveninjas were a Swedish indie pop band from Stockholm .

Band history

The band was formed in the fall of 2004 after Tor Helmstein composed the song Sweet Geisha Love on his keyboard and then asked his friends if they wanted to start a band and perform live in appropriate costumes. Dennis Granaht, Olle Hasselberg and Anders Eliasson then formed the current line-up. Since the band was not signed by Labrador Records as they had hoped , their first EP I'm Really Sorry (That I Killed You) came out in June 2005 on Humblebee Recordings . The band then went on tour through Sweden as the opening act for The Legends . The Labrador label noticed the group and released their second EP in November 2005Keep your love out. In the spring of 2006 a tour took place through Germany and in the summer the band recorded their first album. In the further course of the year concerts in London followed again as the opening act for Legends and in Stockholm. At the end of October the EP I Wanna Be Like Johnny C was released in Sweden and in November the debut album The Secret of the Loveninjas , which was only released in other countries in early 2007. At the beginning of 2007, the Loveninjas came back to Germany and then toured music clubs in other European countries, including Spain and Italy. The year 2008 began with concerts in major Spanish cities. Since then, the band has shown no further activity.


  • By spring 2006 Tor, Dennis and Anders came on stage in ninja costumes, Olle in an oversized heart. Then they lost their costumes on a tour of Germany. Since then they have worn normal clothes on stage.
  • A ninja is a partisan fighter from pre-industrial Japan who was used as a scout, spy, saboteur or assassin. Along with the samurai, he is one of the most famous figures of ancient Japan.



  • 2006: The Secret of the Loveninjas (Labrador)


  • 2005: I'm Really Sorry (That I Killed You) (Humblebee)
  • 2005: Keep Your Love (Labrador)
  • 2006: I Wanna Be Like Johnny C (Labrador)

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