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Ludwig Schmugge (born November 28, 1939 in Berlin ) is a German historian .

Ludwig Schmugge completed his dissertation on Johannes von Jandun in Paris in 1964 with the help of a six-month scholarship from the Commission for Research into the History of Franco-German Relations . He received his doctorate in 1965 at the Free University of Berlin with this work supervised by Wilhelm Berges . From 1966 to 1971 he was a research assistant at the Friedrich Meinecke Institute . In 1971 he was at the Free University Berlin habilitation . Schmugge initially taught as a professor for the history of the Middle Ages at the Free University of Berlin. From 1979 until his retirement in 2004, Schmugge taught as a full professor for medieval history at the University of Zurich . In 1991/1992, he was a research fellow at the Historical College in Munich. From 2004 to 2008 Schmugge was chairman of the scientific advisory board of the German Historical Institute in Rome.

His main research interests are the constitutional, church and social history of the high and late Middle Ages as well as canonical studies . With his dissertation he pursued the goal of compiling and reorganizing the sparse sources on John's life story, of working out the social theoretical ideas from his works and then comparing them with those of Marsilius of Padua . Schmugge was editor of the repertory Poenitentiariae Germanicum for many years .



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