Lucerne Chügelipastete

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Lucerne Chügelipastete (replica)

The Lucerne Chügelipastete is a meat dish of Swiss cuisine . It was named after the canton of Lucerne and the city of Lucerne . In the local dialect it is called Lozärner Chögelipastete . Another name for this is Fritschipastete . The name is derived from the spherical shape ( Chügeli = globules) of most of the ingredients used.

The oldest mentions of the court are from the 18th century and show a constant change of the court in its form and composition. The basic form consists of a pâté of puff pastry , with a ragout of meat , mushrooms and raisins is filled.

For the classic preparation you need veal and fine sausage meat from pork and veal . In central Switzerland, this is offered pre-formed as a chügeli in stores. A fricassee is made from the veal and mushrooms . The sausage meat is shaped into small chügeli and cooked in broth. Before serving, mix the fricassee and the sausage meat balls with marinated raisins, heat the ragout and fill it in a pâté house , duchess pâté or vol-au-vents .

The most common variant consists of chügeli in a mushroom sauce , which are served in a duchess pie . Typical side dishes are peas , carrots and rice , pasta or French fries .