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The Lower Austria Fairy Tale Summer is an interactive traveling fairy tale theater for children from four years of age and all those people who love fairy tales . The theater takes place annually in July and August at Poysbrunn Castle ( Weinviertel ). The idea of ​​the polydrama was adapted and simplified for children.

Origin and character

The association Märchensommer NÖ was founded in the spring of 2006 by Nina Blum , who has been director of the festival since then. Every year a children's fairy tale is written for this and the appropriate music is composed and written. The children can actively intervene in what is happening and must, together with the actors, contribute to solving a specific task. In addition, the audience is divided into several groups, which move parallel through the castle and thus experience different scenes and perspectives of a story. At the beginning and the end of the fairy tale, all viewers are together. However, this concept reaches its limits from 200 to 220 spectators, as the size of the rooms is a natural limitation.

In the beginning the fairy tale summer was a guest at Thürnthal Castle near Fels am Wagram . However, since 2008 the children's theater has been taking place in the 800-year-old Poysbrunn Palace in the Weinviertel . The castle with its old rooms, castle garden, cellar and attic acts as a stage. In spring 2008, at the same time as the change of lock, Nina Blum brought Helmut Kulhanek to the board of the association, who took over the production and commercial management of the association. Maria Mangott has been production manager at the fairy tale summer since 2015.

In December 2010, an unnamed street in the local area of ​​Poysbrunn was named "Märchensommer Allee" by a resolution of the local council. The opening took place on July 18, 2011 on site.

In 2014, the Styrian fairy tale summer was initiated based on the same idea .

In June 2016, the Poysbrunn fairy tale story-telling space was opened based on an idea by artist and creative award winner Christine Naber from Bisamberg.


  • Princess Seeks Prince (2006)
  • Malanda. The Fairy Land of Dreams (2007)
  • Hex Mex! The Search for Happiness (2008)
  • Fairy Tale Carousel (2009)

“Märchenkarussell” was the first production to be performed in a shortened 70-minute version in February 2010 at Theater Akzent . Of the 17 performances over a period of 13 days, 16 performances were sold out. However, the cast of actors and team was not identical to that of the summer of 2009.

  • Giant Friend (2010)
  • Anamey! The Call of the Indians (2011)

"Anamey" was shown in a 75-minute stage version in February 2012 at Theater Akzent. This time the cast stayed the same as at Poysbrunn Palace.

  • Castle Whispers, It's Haunted ... (2012)
  • Malanda - The Fairy Land of Dreams (2013)

"Malanda" was shown as a stage version in February 2014 under the direction of Maria Mangott at Theater Akzent and in summer 2014 at the first fairy tale summer in Styria in Graz.

  • Alice in Wonderland - New Dreams (2014)

"Alice in Wonderland" was broadcast on ORF III on December 30, 2014 , making it the first fairy tale summer production ever to be seen on television.

  • The Wizard of Oz (2015)
  • Aladin and the magic lamp - re-enlightened (2016)
  • Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (2017) - Director: Margit Mezgolich
  • The little mermaid - reinvented! (2018) - Director: Margit Mezgolich
  • The jungle book - bellowed at! (2019) - Director: Margit Mezgolich
  • Snow White - new dwarfed (2020) - Director: Nina Blum

Evening events

Since the Lower Austrian Fairy Tale Summer has been a guest at Poysbrunn Castle , an evening program for adults has been offered to complement the children's program.

  • Angel in conversation (2008)
  • MärchenLust (2009)
  • Lieder-Liebes-Reisen (2010)
  • Sex & Talk (2011, 2012)
  • illie & bart (2012)
  • Scent Dreams (2013)
  • Sleepless Nights (2014)
  • Small change affair (2015)
  • It's nice to be in the world (2016, 2017)
  • Long Night of Fairy Tale Summer (2017)
  • Now or never (2018)
  • Tzatziki in 3/4 time (2019)

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