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MG D-Type Midget
MG J4 supercharged

The MG Midget was a two-seat little roadster that MG brought out in 1928. "Midget" means dwarf.

The first version was called the MG M-Type Midget and was based on the Morris Minor . Its four-cylinder engine had a displacement of 847 cm³ and developed 20 bhp (15 kW). It drove the rear wheels and gave the small vehicle a top speed of 103 km / h. Its production was stopped in 1932.

In 1931 the MG C-Type Midget was also released. It had a smaller four-cylinder engine with 746 cc, but 44 bhp (32 kW). The body of the little racer was pointed at the front and back, so that the shape resembled a boat. Production ended after just one year.

The successor to the M-Type was the MG D-Type Midget from 1932 , which created 27 bhp (20 kW) from the 847 cm³ unit of its predecessor. It was available as a saloon (limousine) and as a tourer. A year later this model was also discontinued.

At the same time, there were midget models J1 / J2 / J3 / J4 between 1932 and 1934 , some as sedans, tourers or roadsters.

In 1934 the MG PA Midget was offered, a roadster with an 847 cm³ engine and 36 bhp (26.5 kW). He was 119 km / h fast. After two years it disappeared from the market.

1935 came the MG PB Midget . The roadster had a four-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft, which was driven by a vertical shaft, with 939 cm³ and 44 bhp (31.5 kW). He too only stayed in the program for a year. 526 vehicles were sold.

After the Second World War , the name Midget did not appear again until 1961. The Mark I - III and Midget 1500 (BMC ADO47 ) series were offered until 1979.

The passenger compartments of the MG Midget were used for the American neo-classic Clénet Series I , which was produced from 1977 to 1979 .


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