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Macedonia Province in the Roman Empire in 116

Macedonia ( Latin ) was a province of the Roman Empire .


The kingdom of Macedonia had shrunk more and more as a result of three Macedonian-Roman wars . 168 BC BC Rome forced the end of Macedonian kingship and the division of the country into four independent areas ( Amphipolis , Thessalonike , Pella and Herakleia Lynkestis ). They were administered by officials who were elected annually and were forbidden from any contact with one another.

The revolt of Andriskos , who pretended to be the son of Perseus , the Macedonian king defeated and captured by the Romans, brought the Romans to an end to Macedonian independence. 146 BC The Macedonian territories were incorporated into the Roman Empire by Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus together with Epirus and parts of Illyria as the province of Macedonia , which had now risen to become the leading power in the eastern Mediterranean. The first proconsul of this province was Gnaeus Egnatius . After the destruction of Corinth in 146 BC. BC the governor of Macedonia also exercised an indirect rule over Greece. The senatorial province of Achaea , which encompasses the Peloponnese , Attica and parts of Epirus, with the capital Corinth , was only founded in 27 BC. Formed.

With the imperial reform of Diocletian , the Dioecesis Macedoniae was created , which included the newly founded provinces Macedonia Prima and Macedonia Salutaris .

During the division of the empire in 395 , Macedonia, Thrace, Achaea and Epirus fell to the Eastern Roman Empire , which was culturally and linguistically influenced by Greek.


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