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When rulers are called persons within a state holder of executive power ( executive are). The term is independent of the respective form of government and can be used for monarchs ( princes , kings , emperors, etc.), dictators or heads of state or heads of government in democratic states ( state president , prime minister, chancellor, etc.). In the plural one also occasionally speaks of the rulers to designate a social grouping that has the executive power.

In the German-speaking world, the expression ruler has mostly negative connotations . It belongs to the journalistic or popular science language, a political science category is not associated with it.

Often leaders are separated by a coup or a military coup to the power come and talk to military force or rigged elections in power.

Extreme forms of rulers are the dictator and the tyrant .

Often a military dictator is diplomatically dubbed military ruler in the reporting of the mass media , since the word ruler seems less harsh than the expression dictator . Thus, after the attacks on the World Trade Center of (as an ally of the West in the fight against terrorism required) Pakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf in the leading German media rather than a dictator now as military rulers called.

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