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Maledom is the abbreviation for male domination ("male dominance") and describes the heterosexual variant in BDSM , in which the man assumes the dominant role. The counterpart to Maledom is Femdom .

In the BDSM scene, maledom role-playing games are widespread and can mainly be assigned to the area of ​​DS (Dominance and Submission), but also to the "classic" SM (sadomasochism) or BD ( bondage and discipline). The submissive slave or servant worships the master or cathedral (from Latin dominus master, master of the house); Direct sexual acts can, but need not, be the focus of the relationship. As a rule, Maledom goes hand in hand with " safe, sane and consensual ".


Maledom correlations are often criticized by feminists because, from their point of view, this role model should imply the inferiority of women or violence against women. An example of this is the PorNO campaign of Alice Schwarzer called that female masochism as "collaboration with the enemy".

On the other hand, sex-positive feminists insist on living out their sexuality freely and self-determinedly, even if it includes submission and masochism.

Maledom in books and films

Maledom scenarios are widespread in sadomasochistic literature , well-known examples include the story of O and the works of John Norman , Cosette, and Sira Rabe . Anne Rice processes both Maledom and Femdom in heterosexual and bisexual orientation under her pseudonyms Anne Rampling with Exit to Eden and AN Roquelaure with the Sleeping Beauty trilogy .

Examples of the use of Maledom motifs in films are 9½ weeks with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke or Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader .


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