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Manuel Beltrán Martínez Road cycling
Cycling World Championship 2007
Cycling World Championship 2007
To person
Date of birth May 28, 1971
nation SpainSpain Spain
discipline Street
Driver type Mountain riders
2008 EPO
Team (s)
Team Coast
US Postal
Discovery Channel
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Last updated: April 5, 2010

Manuel Beltrán Martínez , nickname Triki , (born May 28, 1971 in Jaén / Spain ) is a former Spanish cyclist .


Beltrán, known as a good climber, became a professional at Mapei in 1995 . He celebrated his only victories in 1999 at the Tour of Catalonia , where he won a mountain time trial and the overall classification. Since 2003 he rode after a short episode with Jan Ullrich for Team Coast in the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team (since 2005 Discovery Channel ) and was considered one of Lance Armstrong's important mountain helpers .

At the Vuelta a España , Beltrán made it into the top 10 of the overall standings three times in a row. His best result in 2003 was a sixth place. He rode the best Tour de France in 2000 when he finished eleventh. His nickname Triki comes from his preference for crumbly cakes: his Spanish colleagues gave him the nickname because the cookie monster on Sesame Street in Spain is called Triki .

At the Tour de France 2007 he finished 18th in the final classification, the Vuelta a España 2007 he finished 9th. At the 2007 World Cycling Championships in Stuttgart, Manuel Beltrán reached 49th place in a large field of simultaneously rated riders.


At the 1999 Tour de France , Beltrán tested positive for corticosteroids . In retrospect, however, he was able to submit a certificate that allowed him to take the drug.

In 2005, B samples from the Tour de France from 1998 and 1999 were examined for EPO using a refined procedure for research purposes ; the samples were anonymized. Damien Ressiot from the newspaper L'Équipe was able to assign them to people. Accordingly, Manuel Beltrán was also doped with EPO. A sanction was not possible in retrospect. The doping allegation was confirmed in an investigation report by the Anti-Doping Commission of the French Senate in July 2013.

At the Tour de France 2008 , Beltrán's doping test taken before the first stage again showed elevated EPO values. Before the opening of the B sample, the management of the Liquigas team withdrew him from the Tour de France. Beltrán was the first doping case to be held in 2008. He was banned for two years.

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