Bone marrow dumplings

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Marrow dumpling soup
Raw marrow dumplings

Marrow dumplings (in Austria marrow dumplings ) are small dumplings made from white bread and bone marrow from beef or veal that are served as a soup .

For the preparation, the pulp is watered if necessary and then finely chopped. This mass is mixed with eggs and flour , breadcrumbs or white bread. Typical spices are salt , pepper , allspice and nutmeg, as well as chopped parsley . To prepare it, you form small dumplings or cut knobs out of the dough. Then the marrow dumplings are cooked in salted water or meat broth .


For the preparation of well-known regional variants one changes among other things:

  • the bone marrow with a meat grinder crushed or through a strainer deleted
  • then it is left out briefly
  • instead of breadcrumbs, you use debarked white bread that is soaked in milk
  • the dough is made from pulp, flour, eggs and currants .


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