Mathieu I. de Montmorency

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Mathieu I. de Montmorency (German: Matthias ; † 1160 ) was a lord of Montmorency and from 1138 a connétable of France . He was the son of Burkhard III. , Lord of Montmorency, and of Agnès de Beaumont.


The political connections of his mother's relatives allowed him to establish his family in the top echelons of France. In 1126 he married Alix, an illegitimate daughter of King Henry I Beauclerc , and in 1141 Adelheid von Savoyen , widow of the French King Louis VI. the fat one . A few years earlier, in 1138, he had been made a connétable. In this capacity he took part in the government of France during the absence of King Louis VII the Young because of the Second Crusade .


From his marriage to Alix he had five or six children:

  • Heinrich († July 24 before 1160)
  • Burkhard IV. († 1189), Lord of Montmorency, ∞ Laurette of Hainaut, daughter of Baldwin IV. , Count of Hainaut
  • Theobald, Herr von Marly
  • Hervé († March 25, 1192), spiritual
  • Maithias I († 1203), Lord of Marly and Attichy
  • ? Adelheid (Aelis) († February 25), ∞ Gasce von Poissy († August 14, 1189)

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predecessor Office successor
Hugues de Chaumont Connétable of France
Simon III de Neauphle-le-Château