Matthias Rüfenacht

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Rüfenacht, Matthias 2013 Breisach.jpg
Matthias Rüfenacht, Breisach 2013
Association SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Born March 26, 1956
title FIDE Masters (1987)
Current  Elo rating 2289 (April 2020)
Best Elo rating 2403 (January to April 2004)
Tab at the FIDE (English)

Matthias Rüfenacht (born March 26, 1956 in Basel ) is a Swiss chess player . He is one of the strongest Swiss chess masters in local and correspondence chess .

Correspondence chess

In 1979 Rüfenacht played his first long-distance tournament. In the master class of a European tournament, he came second. In the same year he started in the 3rd Coupe Latine, where he met an IM standard. In the semifinals of the 14th World Correspondence Chess Championship, he finished in the middle. At the 3rd European team championship in 1983/86 he earned his 2nd IM norm and in 1986 received the title of International Master in Correspondence Chess . In the same year he won the national distance tournament “4. Goldener Springer “with 12.5 out of 13 points.

As a result, he was invited to numerous international anniversary and commemorative tournaments. He represented Switzerland at the 11th, 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th Chess Olympiad as well as the 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th European Team Championship.

In 1986 the World Correspondence Chess Federation ( ICCF) awarded him the title of International Master , and in 1992 the title of Grand Master . In the first quarter of 2015 his rating was 2,491.

Close chess

Rüfenacht took part in the 1975 World Youth Championship in Tjentište. He represented Switzerland at two Chess Olympiads , namely in 1984 in Thessaloniki and 1986 in Dubai . In 1985 he finished 6th with the Swiss team at the World Team Championship in Lucerne .

At national team championships he became Swiss champions with Allschwil in 1984, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1993 and 1994, and with Allschwil he also took part in the European Club Cups in 1984, 1986 and 1990. Since the late 1990s he has been playing with SG Riehen in the national league , for which he also competes in the Swiss group championship SGM in the Bundesliga , after playing for the Basler Verkehrsbetriebe from 2000 to 2002. At the same time, he plays with Baden-Württemberg clubs in the German top division.


Rüfenacht works as a commercial clerk at an insurance company. He has been married since 1983.

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