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Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Coordinates 25 ° 16 ′  N , 55 ° 18 ′  E Coordinates: 25 ° 16 ′  N , 55 ° 18 ′  E
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Basic data
Country United Arab Emirates


Residents 3,103,000 (August 2018)
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City center skyline with Burj Khalifa, 2015
City center skyline with Burj Khalifa , 2015
Palm island "The Palm, Jumeirah"
Dubai night aerial view
Luxury hotel & resort " Atlantis The Palm, Dubai "
Beach in Jumeirah

Dubai ( Arabic دبي Dubayy ) is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Persian Gulf and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai .

Approx. 85% of the emirate's inhabitants (3,103,000 inhabitants in mid-2018) live in the city of Dubai (sometimes referred to as “Dubai-Stadt” or “Dubai-City” to distinguish it from the emirate of Dubai). A precise survey is complicated because the fluctuations caused by migration are large, as tens of thousands of residents are added each year as labor migrants or immigrants. Almost the entire economic, social, cultural and political life of the emirate takes place in Dubai. Since 2013, Dubai has been one of the most visited cities in the world with up to 14 million foreign tourists annually. In 2016, Dubai had 15.3 million visitors, making it fourth in the world. At over $ 31 billion, it also had the highest tourism income of any city.

Dubai City is located on the northern edge of the Emirate of Dubai and is divided by the Dubai Creek , a 100 to 1,300 meter wide and approximately 14 kilometer long bay of the Persian Gulf . The then independent cities of Deira used to be here on the north and Bur Dubai on the south. Bridges are a bit away from the town center; Pedestrians are transported to the opposite side by small passenger ferries ( Abras ).

The city extends mainly to the south along Jumeirah Beach and Sheikh Zayed Road , as Dubai borders directly on the Emirate of Sharjah in the north .

Thanks to a decade-long construction boom, Dubai is the city with the world's highest number of skyscrapers , over 300 meters high, and the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa, 828 meters). Dubai is a global trade center and has the world's third largest airport in terms of passenger volume (as of 2017) and the tenth largest port in terms of container handling (2018: 14.95 million TEU). In a ranking of the most important financial centers worldwide, Dubai took 19th place (as of 2018).


Long-distance transport

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the most important airport in the Middle East . It extends to the north of Deira, about 5 kilometers from Dubai Creek. In 2010 a new airport (at Jebel Ali ) was opened in Dubai , the Dubai World Central International Airport . This should initially only support Dubai International Airport with a maximum capacity to be gradually expanded to possibly 160 million passengers per year (as of the end of 2018). Dubai is the headquarters of the emirate-owned airline Emirates .

In addition, Dubai has the most important transshipment point on the Persian Gulf in the man-made Jebel Ali seaport with 92,513 million tons of cargo handled (2005). Trend: upwards, especially container handling in connection with the huge free trade zones around Jebel Ali (2018: 14.95 million  TEU ). The highly automated container terminal  4 is due to go into operation at the end of 2019 , while Terminal 1 is to be closed for revision. Both merchant and passenger ships call at Dubai. The latter are handled in the older Port Rashid port, which is close to the city. The most important ferry connections lead from there to Doha , Manama , Kuwait City and Muscat . The regional “small” maritime traffic with traditional dhows from the berths on the creek is still significant, albeit in a relatively declining manner . It is usually carried out close to the coast with small cargo (e.g. consumer goods) in the entire Persian Gulf, via Oman and Yemen to the Middle Red Sea, to East Africa and Pakistan as well as western India to around Goa with daring seafarers.

Dubai is connected to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , Hatta and Al-Ain by highways.

city ​​traffic

Dubai is a car city like hardly any other city in Asia: In mid-2010, 1.022 million vehicles were registered for around 1.8 million inhabitants. Since most of the migrant workers do not own a vehicle, the passenger cars are concentrated on people and families with middle or higher incomes, there are many vehicle owners with second and multiple vehicles. Road traffic in the dense, older part of Dubai is very heavy, traffic jams and longer periods of standstill are the rule. For the most part, there is only service at the petrol stations, because the high temperatures mean that customers do not want to get out of the air-conditioned cars.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for the construction of new roads as well as local public transport .

In order to counteract the increasingly dense motor vehicle traffic, the RTA introduced the automated toll system Salik on certain routes in July 2007 . Every vehicle that passes the toll roads and bridges requires a Salik sticker with a credit on the front window pane. The vehicles are registered via toll bridges and the toll (4  dirhams per trip) is debited electronically. Vehicle owners are informed via SMS shortly before their Salik account is used up.

Abra over Dubai Creek


In addition to buses, Dubai has a metro, a tram system and a monorail.

Local public transport is equipped with a dense network of bus routes, and it is inexpensive to use. A special feature are the 800 waiting rooms at a total of over 1000 bus stops, which were introduced at the beginning of 2008 (September 2010) and are air-conditioned at 22 degrees Celsius. The bus system has 1,300 modern vehicles that drive around 300,000 kilometers a day.

The driverless operated Dubai Metro , built in four years, was partially opened in September 2009. The metro connects Dubai International Airport with the city center (red line) ; after further expansion, a connection to Dubai World Central International Airport will follow. The second central line in Deira and Bur Dubai (green line) opened in September 2011 with 16 new stations and 23 route kilometers. In autumn 2010, the transport authorities reported that public transport accounted for eleven percent of total traffic.

Due to the lack of bridges close to the city, people are transported in the closer inner city over the front Dubai Creek with Abras , small wooden boats for up to approx. 20 people. During the day, an abra leaves every few minutes, a trip takes less than 10 minutes and costs 1 dirham.

The Dubai Monorail , whose first branch line leads to The Palm, Jumeirah , is not included in the RTA tariff system .

There is also the Dubai Trolley , a short, single-track tram with a vintage look, but which was mainly built as a tourist attraction. There are plans to extend the route and connect it to the general transport network.


View of the Dubai skyline

Culture and sights


In the vicinity of Dubai (40 km radius) at the beginning of 2008 there were around 150 skyscrapers that are over 150 m high, about 60 other skyscrapers that are over 200 m high and six skyscrapers that are over 300 m high. These are the Almas Tower with 360 m, the two Emirates Towers with 355 and 305 m, the Rose Tower with 333 m, the Burj al Arab with 321 m and the highest building in the world , the Burj Khalifa with 828 m. About twenty more skyscrapers with a height of over 300 m are planned or under construction.


The smaller Madinat Theater is right next to the Burj al Arab. Concerts are staged here, the Dubai International Film Festival takes place here, but also opera or ballet performances such as Swan Lake or the Vienna Opera Ball in Dubai .

There is also the Streetwise Theater from London in the Crown Plaza Hotel .


At the entrance to Dubai Creek - near the estuary - the Al Schindagha district is located on a headland . Here in the north of Bur Dubai, the Heritage and Diving Village was established by the government in 1997 . The museum village in the style of an Arab settlement is intended to convey the culture, history and tradition of Dubai to the visitor.

"Heritage Village"

Originally, stone houses from the mountain and desert regions, Bedouin tents, traditional "wind tower houses", market stalls, spice shops and many other attractions and lifestyles of the residents have been recreated. The residents of Dubai are also interested in visiting these historic villages.

"Diving Village"

In the “Pearl Village” traditional souks , photo exhibitions about pearl fishing, dhows - some of them in original size - and a large water basin, in which the diving techniques of pearl fishermen are demonstrated, await the guest before this traditional branch of business is completely forgotten.

The al-Fahidi fort in the center of Dubai

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is located near the old town in the former fortress al-Fahidi-Fort and offers an overview of historical life in Dubai before the oil boom. Near the Dubai Museum there is a settlement of former Persian trading houses that have been renovated and some of which can be visited.


Guided desert tour in the Emirate of Dubai
fish market

Many providers offer organized tours into the desert outside the city, with overnight stays in tents if desired.

Other sights

In the city center these are above all the Dubai Creek with the old dhows and the spice market, where spices from all over the world are sold. There are numerous small jewelry stores in the gold market. This has old wooden facades and has a typical oriental atmosphere with the traders and porters. The more modern Souq al Bahar is located in Dubai Downtown next to the Dubai Mall. The Souq al Bahar and the Dubai Mall together with the Burj Khalifa form a triangle, in the middle of which the Dubai Fountains offer a water-light-music spectacle every evening. From there you can also see the luxury hotel "The Address" .

On the south side of the creek is the renovated old town of Bur Dubai, the Old Souk ("old market"). To the west of it in front of the new port is the reconstruction of the ornate old ruler's palace with a museum.

The Palm Jumeirah is currently the only palm island in Dubai that can be visited. Worth seeing is the luxury hotel and resort Atlantis The Palm, Dubai , an imposing hotel building with the theme of the sunken city of Atlantis . The Aquapark Aquaventure is connected to the hotel complex.

The large number of shopping centers make Dubai a shoppers paradise, but it is expensive. There are also numerous boutiques of premium brands from the fashion world. Classic shopping streets play a subordinate role: most shops are located in American-style malls . The largest shopping malls in the city are the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall . There are also a large number of others, such as the 'Ibn Battuta Mall' (Ibn Battuta = "son of Battuta"). It is divided into different countries and regions and decorated according to each country. It is also provided with a lot of information about the different countries and the discoverer Ibn Battuta .

The Jumeirah Beach Park is a beach park, which is visited not only by tourists but also by the Emiratis. Cameras and revealing swimwear are prohibited on the beach for religious reasons.

The Miracle Garden Dubai is the world's largest, horizontal, colorful flower garden with around 45 million blooming flowers. It is outside the centers in the northwest.

Dubai is also known for its Emirates Golf Club , which hosts a PGA tournament ( Dubai Desert Classic ) every year.

Administrative division

Dubai is divided into nine sectors.

  • Sector 1–4 and 6: urban
  • Sector 7 and 9: agricultural
  • Sector 8: The luxurious 5-star Jebel Ali Hotel and Golf Resort is located there

In addition, Dubai's new airport, Dubai World Central International Airport, is currently being built in Jebel Ali . Each sector is divided into so-called communities of different sizes with so-called main streets that form the borders. There are currently 132 of these communities.

Community number Community (Arabic)   Community number Community (Arabic)
Abu Hail 126 أبو هيل   Al Warqa'a Fifth 425 الورقاء الخامسة
Al Awir First 711 العوير الأولى   Al Warqa'a First 421 الورقاء الأولى
Al Awir Second 721 العوير الثانية   Al Warqa'a Fourth 424 الورقاء الرابعة
Al Bada'a 333 البدع   Al Warqa'a Second 422 الورقاء الثانية
Al Baraha 122 البراحة   Al Warqa'a Third 423 الورقاء الثالثة
Al Barsha First 373 البرشاء الأولى   Al Wasl 343 الوصل
Al Barsha Second 376 البرشاء الثانية   Al Wuheida 132 الوحيدة
Al Barsha South First 671 البرشاء جنوب الاولى   Aleyas 283 العياص
Al Barsha South Second 672 البرشاء جنوب الثانية   Ayal Nasir 116 عيال ناصر
Al Barsha South Third 673 البرشاء جنوب الثالثة   Bu Kadra 611 بو كدرة
Al Barsha Third 375 البرشاء الثالثة   Corniche Deira 121 كورنيش ديرة
Al Buteen 114 البطين   Dubai International Airport 221 مطار دبي الدولي
Al Daghaya 113 الضغاية   Dubai Investment Park First 598 مجمع دبي للاستثمار الأول
Al Garhoud 214 القرهود   Dubai Investment Park Second 597 مجمع دبي للاستثمار الثاني
Al Guoz Fourth 359 القوز الرابعة   Emirates Hill First 393 تلال الإمارات الأولى
Al Hamriya 313 الحمرية   Emirates Hill Second 388 تلال الإمارات الثانية
Al Hamriya Port 131 ميناء الحمرية   Emirates Hill Third 394 تلال الامارات الثالثة
Al Hudaiba 322 الحضيبة   Hatta 891 حتا
Al Jadaf 326 الجداف   Hor Al No. 127 هور العنز
Al Jafiliya 323 الجافلية   Hor Al Anz East 133 هور العنز شرق
Al Karama 318 الكرامة   Jebel Ali 383 جبل علي
Al Khabaisi 128 الخبيصي   Jebel Ali 384 جبل علي
Al Khwaneej First 281 الخوانيج الأولى   Jebel Ali Industrial 599 جبل علي الصناعية
Al Khwaneej Second 282 الخوانيج الثانية   Jebel Ali Palm 50 نخلة جبل علي
Al Kifaf 324 الكفاف   Jumeira First 332 جميرا الأولى
Al Mamzar 134 الممزر   Jumeira Palm 381 نخلة جميرا
Al Manara 363 المنارة   Jumeira Second 342 جميرا الثانية
Al Merkad 347 المركاض   Jumeira Third 352 جميرا الثالثة
Al Mina 321 الميناء   Mankhool 317 منخول
Al Mizhar First 262 المزهر الأولى   Marsa Dubai 392 مرسى دبي
Al Mizhar Second 263 المزهر الثانية   Mirdif 251 مردف
Al Muraqqabat 124 المرقبات   Muhaisanah Fourth 245 محيصنة الرابعة
Al Murar 117 المرر   Muhaisanah Second 264 محيصنة الثانية
Al Muteena 123 المطينة   Muhaisanah Third 244 محيصنة الثالثة
Al Nahda First 231 النهدة الأولى   Muhaisnah First 261 محيصنة الأولى
Al Nahda Second 241 النهدة الثانية   Mushrif 252 مشرف
Al Quoz First 354 القوز الاولى   Nadd Al Hamar 416 ند الحمر
Al Quoz Industrial First 364 القوز الصناعية الأولى   Nadd Al Shiba Fourth 617 ند الشبا الرابعة
Al Quoz Industrial Fourth 369 القوز الصناعية الرابعة   Nadd Al Shiba Second 615 ند الشبا الثانية
Al Quoz Industrial Second 365 القوز الصناعية الثانية   Nadd Al Shiba Third 616 ند الشبا الثالثة
Al Quoz Industrial Third 368 القوز الصناعية الثالثة   Nadd Shamma 213 ند شما
Al Quoz Second 355 القوز الثانية   Naif 118 نايف
Al Quoz Third 358 القوز الثالثة   Oud Al Muteena First 265 عود المطينة الأولى
Al Qusais First 232 القصيص الأولى   Oud Al Muteena Second 266 عود المطينة الثانية
Al Qusais Industrial Fifth 248 القصيص الصناعية الخامسة   Oud metha 319 عود ميثاء
Al Qusais Industrial First 242 القصيص الصناعية الأولى   Port Saeed 129 بور سعيد
Al Qusais Industrial Fourth 247 القصيص الصناعية الرابعة   Ranches 600 مرابع
Al Qusai's Industrial Second 243 القصيص الصناعية الثانية   Ras Al Khor 411 رأس الخور
Al Qusai's Industrial Third 246 القصيص الصناعية الثالثة   Ras Al Khor Industrial First 612 رأس الخور الصناعية الأولى
Al Qusai's Second 233 القصيص الثانية   Ras Al Khor Industrial Second 613 رأس الخور الصناعية الثانية
Al Qusai's Third 234 القصيص الثالثة   Ras Al Khor Industrial Third 614 رأس الخور الصناعية الثالثة
Al Raffa 316 الرفاعة   Riggat Al Buteen 125 رقة البطين
Al Ras 112 الراس   Trade Center First 335 المركز التجاري الأولى
Al Rashidiya 216 الراشدية   Trade Center Second 336 المركز التجاري الثانية
Al Rigga 119 الرقة   Umm Al Sheif 367 أم الشيف
Al Sabkha 115 السبخة   Umm Hurair First 314 أم هرير الأولى
Al Safa First 353 الصفا الأولى   Umm Hurair Second 315 أم هرير الثانية
Al Safa Second 357 الصفا الثانية   Umm Ramool 215 أم رمول
Al Safouh First 372 الصفوح الأولى   Umm Suqeim First 356 أم سقيم الأولى
Al Safouh Second 382 الصفوح الثانية   Umm Suqeim Second 362 أم سقيم الثانية
Al Satwa 334 السطوة   Umm Suqeim Third 366 أم سقيم الثالثة
Al Shindagha 311 الشندغة   Wadi Alamardi 271 وادي العمردي
Al Souq Al Kabeer 312 السوق الكبير   Warsan First 621 ورسان الاولى
Al Twar First 226 الطوار الأولى   Warsan Second 622 ورسان الثانية
Al Twar Second 227 الطوار الثانية   Za'abeel First 325 زعبيل الأولى
Al Twar Third 228 الطوار الثالثة   Za'abeel Second 337 زعبيل الثانية

Within these communities, streets and houses are numbered. Generally, odd numbered roads are perpendicular to the coast and inland. Straight numbered streets run parallel to the coast and rise as the distance from the creek increases. This process is continued in every community, for example there are numerous streets No. 5 along Jumeirah 1, 2, 3 and the Umm Suqeim 'strip'.


Jumeirah is a low-rise residential area in Dubai. It stretches about 10 to 15 kilometers from the city center of Dubai to the southwest along the dead straight sandy beach Jumeirah Beach (Jumeirah Beach).

Jumeirah is considered the most expensive residential area in Dubai. Until a few decades ago, only local fishermen lived there; today the huge area consists largely of spacious bungalows and is mainly inhabited by rich locals and European guest workers .

Climate table

Climate diagram
J F. M. A. M. J J A. S. O N D.
Temperature in ° Cprecipitation in mm
Average monthly temperatures and rainfall for Dubai
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature ( ° C ) 24.0 24.6 27.9 32.4 36.8 38.8 40.6 40.4 38.7 35.1 30.5 26.2 O 33
Min. Temperature (° C) 13.7 14.5 17.0 20.1 23.5 26.1 28.9 29.3 26.3 22.7 18.3 15.4 O 21.4
Precipitation ( mm ) 11 36 22nd 8th 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 14th Σ 94
Hours of sunshine ( h / d ) 8.2 8.2 8.2 9.8 11.1 11.4 10.4 10.2 10.3 9.8 9.5 8.2 O 9.6
Rainy days ( d ) 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 Σ 7th
Water temperature (° C) 22nd 21st 23 25th 27 30th 31 32 32 30th 27 25th O 27.1
Humidity ( % ) 65 65 63 55 53 58 56 57 60 60 61 64 O 59.7
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Town twinning

Dubai lists the following 32 twin cities :

city country since
Baghdad IraqIraq Iraq 2001
Barcelona SpainSpain Catalonia, Spain 2006
Beirut LebanonLebanon Lebanon
Brisbane AustraliaAustralia Queensland, Australia
Busan Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 2006
Caracas VenezuelaVenezuela Distrito Capital, Venezuela
Cheb ( Eger ) Czech RepublicCzech Republic Karlovy Vary Region, Czech Republic
Damascus SyriaSyria Syria
Detroit United StatesUnited States Michigan, United States 2003
Dundee United KingdomUnited Kingdom Scotland, United Kingdom
Frankfurt am Main GermanyGermany Hessen, Germany 2005
Gandhinagar IndiaIndia Gujarat, India
Geneva SwitzerlandSwitzerland Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Gold coast AustraliaAustralia Queensland, Australia 2001
Granada SpainSpain Andalusia, Spain
Guangzhou China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Guangdong, People's Republic of China
Hong Kong China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China
Hyderabad IndiaIndia Telangana, India
Istanbul TurkeyTurkey Turkey 1997
Kish IranIran Hormozgan, Iran
Kuwait City KuwaitKuwait Kuwait
los Angeles United StatesUnited States California, United States
Monterrey MexicoMexico Nuevo León, Mexico
Moscow RussiaRussia Central Russia, Russia
New York City United StatesUnited States New York, United States
Osaka JapanJapan Kinki, Japan
Paris FranceFrance Île-de-France, France
Phoenix United StatesUnited States Arizona, United States
San Juan Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Puerto Rico
Shanghai China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 2009
Tehran IranIran Iran
Tripoli LibyaLibya Libya
Vancouver CanadaCanada British Columbia, Canada

sons and daughters of the town


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