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Great Titmouse (N. shelleyi)

Great Titmouse ( N. shelleyi )

Order : Passerines (Passeriformes)
Subordination : Songbirds (passeri)
Superfamily : Passeroidea
Family : Fine finches (Estrildidae)
Subfamily : Estrildinae
Genre : Titmouse
Scientific name
Alexander , 1903

Meisenastrilde ( Nesocharis ) are a genus from the family of the finches . The three species of this genus all have gray and olive-yellow plumage with black and white markings.

Titmouse are tree dwellers that have pointed black beaks and, like their closely related blackbirds , live primarily on insects. Like these, they are native to Africa.


Within the genus of the Meisenastrilde, the Weißwangenastrild has the largest distribution area. It ranges from Gambia in West Africa through Nigeria and Cameroon to southern Sudan . The bird can also be found in Uganda and northern Zaire . The collared deer , on the other hand, only lives in northeastern Zaire to Uganda and in northern Burundi . The distribution area of ​​the titmouse , which occurs in the highlands of Cameroon, is even smaller .



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