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MellowJet Records is a German music label founded by Bernd Scholl in May 2007 . It specializes in the production of electronic music and also serves as a distributor for selected artists. The label, which was initially founded for its own use, has meanwhile been able to include a number of up-and-coming musicians of the genre in its portfolio as well as some established artists.

The program includes Carboneids, Dennis Dithmar, Elektrohandel, Exposed, Erez Yaary, Bernd Kistenmacher , MaEasy, moonbooter , Mythos (Stephan Kaske), Uwe Reckzeh , Harald Grosskopf and Wellenfeld.

On January 27, 2007, before founding his label, Bernd Scholl organized the Ambient Experience Music Festival, at which he, Wellenfeld and Erik Seifert performed. On May 3, 2008, MellowJet Records officially organized the second Ambient Experience Music Festival, this time with the artists Carboneids, Nattefrost (Bjørn Jeppesen) featuring Phil Molto ( Robert Schroeder ), Uwe Reckzeh, Wellenfeld and Stefan Erbe .

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