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Mereret in hieroglyphics
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Mereret , also written Meret or Meryt , was an ancient Egyptian king's daughter. It is known from four inscribed scarabs , which are located in a tomb next to the pyramid of Sesostris III. (around 1872 BC to around 1852 BC) in Dahshur . Therefore, it is often assumed that she was the daughter or perhaps even the wife of this ruler. Mereret was under King Amenemhet III. buried.

supporting documents

some jewelry from the second treasure , as published by Jacques de Morgan

North of the pyramid of Sesostris III. in Dahshur there were four smaller pyramids that can be assigned to royal women. These pyramids are connected underground by a system of passages. A gallery adjoins this corridor system in the east. In one corridor there are eight burial chambers, each with a sarcophagus and a canopic box . However, the sarcophagi were all stripped and it remains unknown who was buried there. In the actual main course, however, the first excavator of the complex, Jacques de Morgan , was able to find two chests that contained extremely rich and high-quality jewelry and were obviously overlooked by grave robbers. The finds were referred to as the first and the "second treasure find ". In the “second treasure find” of March 8, 1894, the scarabs with the name of Mereret were also found, who may have been the owner of the jewelry. Her jewelry includes two pectorals : One with the name of Sesostris III. and the other with the name of Amenemhat III. In addition, numerous pearls, bracelets, a golden shell inlaid with colored stones, a belt made of golden shells, another belt, the individual parts of which consists of golden, double leopard heads, numerous pendants, a golden cylinder, mirrors and stone vases were found .

On some scarabs the title of a “ king's wife ” appears without giving a name. Therefore, it is also believed that Mereret was queen. It also remains unclear whether Mereret was the owner of the treasure or perhaps the mother of the king's daughter Senet-senebtisi . The chest with the treasure is said to have been found near the sarcophagus of the latter.


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