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Modern glockenspiel with sound box
Kulintang a tiniok: a Filipino metallophone

Metallophones are a group of stick games , which consist of a number of tuned metal plates and are hit with mallets . Metallophones are available with hanging or lying plates in single and multiple rows.

The metallophones belonging to the idiophones have a centuries-old tradition, especially in Asia, especially in Balinese and Javanese gamelan music. From the 17th century they were also introduced to Europe, where their own shapes developed.

Carl Orff uses several types of metallophones and carillon for early musical education in his school work . Boomwhackers are similarly suitable for music lessons .

In orchestras of Western art music occasionally, such as Mozart ( The Magic Flute ) , or Wagner , keyboard chimes used that make up later, the celesta developed.

Types of metallophones


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