Meyer Hills

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Meyer Hills
Highest peak Beaudoin Peak ( 980  m )
location Ellsworthland , West Antarctica
part of Heritage Range , Ellsworth Mountains
Meyer Hills (Antarctica)
Meyer Hills
Coordinates 79 ° 47 ′  S , 81 ° 6 ′  W Coordinates: 79 ° 47 ′  S , 81 ° 6 ′  W

The Meyer Hills are a group of hills in the West Antarctic Ellsworthland . In the Heritage Range , the southern part of the West Antarctic Ellsworth Mountains , they loom between the Enterprise Hills to the west and the head of the ice-filled Constellation Inlet to the east.

The highest peaks are Seaquist Peak ( 800  m ) in the northwest, Holt Peak ( 850  m ) in the northeast and Beaudoin Peak , the highest peak at 980  m , in the southeast. Just south of the hills are the Weaver nunatakkers .

In the Antarctic summer between 1962 and 1963, an expedition from the University of Minnesota visited the Meyer Hills as part of their exploration of the Ellsworth Mountains. They named the group of hills after Harvey John Meyer (* 1935), one of the geologists on the expedition.

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