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Michael R. Krätke (* 1949 in Lüneburg ) is a German political scientist. He studied political science, sociology and economics at the Free University of Berlin, was professor for political economy at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, is professor for political economy at Lancaster University , co-editor of spw - magazine for socialist politics and economy , on the scientific advisory board of Contributions to Marx-Engels research. New episode, on the scientific advisory board of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (since 2007), and on the scientific advisory board of Attac Germany. and longtime union member.

In the mid-1990s, Krätke dealt with the history of Marxism . He distinguished four phases: (1) the phase from 1842 to the year of Marx's death in 1883, (2) the phase of "classical Marxism" from 1883 to the First World War , (3) the phase from the October Revolution to the end of the 1960s , (4) the contemporary phase of social-scientific Marxism following the Marx renaissance of the 1960s.

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