Mikel Koliqi

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Mikel Cardinal Koliqi (born September 29, 1902 in Shkodra , Albania , † January 28, 1997 ibid) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church .


Mikel Koliqi studied in Milan the subjects philosophy and Catholic theology . He received on 30 May 1931, the sacrament of Holy Orders , and then worked as a pastor in the Archdiocese of Shkodra . From 1936 he headed the administration of the important Albanian diocese as vicar general . He founded the cathedral schola , acted as the editor of a Catholic weekly newspaper and wrote stage works.

After 1945 he was imprisoned for 21 years and had to do forced labor as a political prisoner of the communist regime because he was accused of listening to foreign radio stations and working for the Catholic youth. In 1986 he was released from prison for reasons of age.

Pope John Paul II accepted Mikel Koliqi into the College of Cardinals in 1994 as a cardinal deacon with the title deaconry Ognissanti in Via Appia Nuova . An episcopal ordination was waived because of the advanced age and poor health of Koliqi. Mikel Koliqi died on January 28, 1997 in Shkodra and was buried in the local cathedral .

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