Mini bag moths

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Incurvaria masculella

Incurvaria masculella

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Subclass : Flying insects (Pterygota)
Superordinate : New winged wing (Neoptera)
Order : Butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Superfamily : Incurvarioidea
Family : Incurvariidae
Scientific name
Spuler , 1898

The miniature sac moths (Incurvariidae) are a family of butterflies (Lepidoptera). They occur worldwide with approx. 100 kinds .


The family of these very small moths has fully developed proboscis and wing veins . The females have a long, pointed bur with which they can pierce their eggs into leaves. The males have clearly combed antennae .

The larvae are primitive and adapted to life as a miner . But they only spend the first larval stage within leaves. Then they often build a sack out of plant material. In many species, this is made from two round pieces of leaf. At this stage, they live on the ground and feed on falling leaves or low plants.


The family of mini sack moths is represented in the German-speaking area (D-CH-A) with 10 species. In all of Europe they occur with 13 species.

Fossil evidence

The oldest fossil evidence of mini-bag moths are two specimens found in Lebanon amber ( Lower Cretaceous , approx. 130 million years old), which were assigned to the genus Incurvarites . Further representatives of this family are known from Eocene Baltic amber .


Individual evidence

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